XKCD about how we "computer experts" really find the answers?

Umm, can’t find it. :smiley:

Googled XKCD Tech Support.

Nor really a General Question. MOved to MPSIMS.

samclem Moderator, GQ

I sent that cartoon to my uncle and told him that it is exactly what I do.

He still calls me and expects me to fix things by phone.

Nine time out of ten, I do fix the problem.

By using that process.

You didn’t try a single menu item or button before rushing headlong to Google, did you?

How would he know? He didn’t have the chart! :stuck_out_tongue:

I used to do the same for my father-in-law, until he hit 92.

Me: Tell me what’s on the screen.
Him: File Edit …

Me: Aargh! Anything in the middle of the screen?

Him: You mean this message about the computer being about to explode? I didn’t think that was important.

Well, he was good for 30 years or so, so I shouldn’t complain.

Fun, isn’t it?

Still, he’s doing great for someone who never looked at a PC until he turned 70.

And here’s an extra ‘s’ since I missed one before.

Here’s my recent one;

Mom: I can’t get my printer to work.

Me: Describe what is happening.

Mom: My computer is jumping up and down.

Me: What?

Mom: My. computer. is. jumping. up. and. down.

Me: ??? Is there an earthquake or something?

Mom: Don’t be sarcastic. I’m just telling you what is happening!

Me: Jumping. Up and down.

Mom: Yes.

Me: (light goes on) Do you mean one of the little pictures on the bottom of the screen? (Mac Icon)

Mom: Yes. My computer. It’s jumping up and down.

(finally troubleshoot, and get her to put more paper in the printer.)

Boss: Sorry to call you on your day off, but I need the payroll file
Me: It’s on the desktop

He calls back several times, can’t find it, I can hear the grit between his teeth.

Boss: Look, I’ve searched all over the desk top - let me tell you what’s on it - paper, pens, a ruler, the schedule, a coffee cup - no payroll file.

Me: It’s on the computer desktop.
Boss: On the screen? Why would you call THAT the desktop.

Me: “thinks” It’s a fucking excel file, where else would you look for it?

Boss: Your job is to train the new guy to fix computers.
Me: Um, I’m only here for 3 more days, and 2 of those days I’m doing other stuff.
Boss: Do your best.
Me (to new guy): What computer experience do you have?
New guy: I used one once.
Me: How did you get this job? sigh. Ok, if you see any error messages, type them into google.
New guy: Then what?
Me: Follow instructions.
New guy: Should I be taking notes?
Me: If you think you are going to forget how to do this, you should take notes, but if you can’t remember this, I think you’re nearly guaranteed to lose the notes.
New guy: So should I type it into the computer?