XKCD is in 3D!

I thought it was pretty cool; so I’m spreading the word about the 3D strip.
Plus I thought the Lampstrip was pretty funny.

I didn’t realize he made all the strips like that for April Fool’s Day! I thought just today’s because it was about 3-D. Neat!

Huh, apparently the 3D is an algorithmic that (tries to) apply to all of the comics. It doesn’t work so well for some of them, though.

I don’t get it.

Neither did I, but then I enabled JavaScript.

I think his point is that taking something that wasn’t made for 3D, then adding 3D effects to it (how many 3D movies have been made recently) doesn’t really add much to it at all. Does it increase your enjoyment in reading old XKCD strips when you see them in ‘3D’ now?

Ah, there we go. I’m so used to browsing without scripts I forget they’re there.

It kind of does :smiley:

I feel like an idiot. Why can I not see the 3D effect?

I’m viewing the comics on my laptop, and it doesn’t work with IE or FF.

Did you try before April 1st ended?


It’s probably gone then. Although usually someone creates a mirror every April 2nd.


Here’s the site for 3D: http://3d.xkcd.com/

shakes fist at Wolverine
That’ll teach me to go read the forums then post the answer without refreshing!