XKCD: The Cootie Reindeer

Anyone else look at this (12/23/2016 comic) and immediately think of Cootie, the old game?


But now I am!

I always liked the designs of the cooties, to the point I considered adorning my desk with a few, but I could never justify buying a whole set for just that purpose. There was also a more obscure board game with delightful cartoon spider pieces I really wish I hoarded before my mom inevitably tossed it out. sigh

No, I thought of Odin’s horse, Sleipnir.

In case anyone is curious as to what I’m babbling about I found a review of said game.


Oh, yeah, I remember that game! The pieces were cool, but the gameplay was kind of pointless, since you could always just use your turn to negate your opponent’s previous turn.

Grin! I did exactly that.

However, I waited too long, and ended up with the re-designed cooties, which are cuter – IMO quite a bit too darn cute – and not quite as iconic.

Sorry, but you need to go find some originals. The new ones are too cute, and are made that way through an anatomical mistake. They have a smile… above their proboscis. Which is defined as a nose.

Funny, every kid my age learned that word long before we normally would have, thanks to Cootie.

Let’s see. Four/five year olds play this game. You were that much of a curmudgeon then? I kid, I kid.

That’s xkcd

[sub]it’s important![/sub]

Dangit, I didn’t even see the typo in the title, until I saw a report pointing it out, and now I can’t un-see it.

Oh, wait…

Yeah, actually I can un-see it.

Obligatory XKCD link.