­xkcd thread

I love it. Gotta get that printed up for my patients.

Randall knocked that one right out of the ballpark. Brilliant.

Well, yeah, the second time, because he built another ballpark to practice on first.

So, The Great Gig in the Sky? Fairly appropriate.

Covers 5 minutes of the 7 minutes of terror.

Huh, when they release the landing video, it would probably be great for the soundtrack. Better than Dark Side of the Rainbow. :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m quite late but there’s even a song (tangentially) about it:

Calling it detonated steel: Low-background steel - Wikipedia

Barack Obama and I are the same age and we’re both retired from a government job. So I like to think we’ve followed pretty much the same career arc.

I’d vote for you. :wink:

Tom Brady and I are the same age, and many tell both of us that we shouldn’t play football anymore.

I’m betting that way more people tell Tom Brady that he should stop than have told you that you should stop. Of the two of you, you are by far the less unpreferred.

Not really getting this one. Is not making eye contact the norm now? Did I miss the memo about this?

I’m going to assume that it is because of zoom and teleconferencing, where people have learned to look at the camera at the top of the screen, rather than at the face of the person that they are talking to.

Right. That little oval between the last two lines is supposed to be a webcam or phone camera.

And for the alt-text: if you are making eye contact with the face on the screen, it will look to them like you’re looking at their chest.

Not living on Zoom that went totally over my head. Thanks for the explanation. Had the camera thingy on the hat been big & contrasty enough to even notice that might have helped.

What I see far more of is people in person who’re talking while facing sorta 90 degrees to each other and at a distance that’d have been weirdly far apart 2 years ago.

My incorrect take was that people are automatically looking to make sure the hat doesn’t say MAGA …