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Aww, Bobby’s all grown up!

And now that I check up on it… “Exploits of a Mom” was published in October 2007. If Bobby had just been enrolled in school for the first time then, then he’d be 20 years old now. So he is, in fact, all grown up now.

On the other hand, it’s also apparently canon that Bobby never really took to computers (unlike his sister Help I’m Trapped in a Drivers License Factory Elaine), so maybe this isn’t him after all.

I had something similar happen on a Unix system back in the 90s. When inputting a new password, I mistyped a character, so I back-spaced and retyped. I made the same mistake on the repeat password input. Everything seemed fine.

The next time I tried to login again, it failed. I carefully typed the password very correctly. Failed. I left to do something else, came back and it worked! I had made the same typo and corrected it.

Yes, the backspaces were embedded in the password. The terminal was misconfigured, so the backspace key emitted an ASCII-8 instead of deleting the previous character. Fun times.

I often wondered if it was possible to do that.

He’s not wrong.

Seems to imply that ‘science enthusiasts’ are interested in just about anything… which sounds about right. Of course, he then missed many subjects. Medicine/psychology: Collection of research papers on developing more effective placebos.

That would be awesome to own the old kilogram prototype! Actually, just having a replica would be pretty cool.

It would be worth $32000 just in material.

Well, new, yeah, but it’s pretty old by now. Surely it’s depreciated.

Tell you what, I like you, I’ll be willing to give you fifty bucks for it.

Just happened to stumble on a new post right as it came out. No one had even said anything ExplainXKCD yet.