XM Radio

A few questions about XM Radio. I just purchased the Delphi SkyF i.

My DirecTV dish had to be pointed at the satellite but the XM antenna didn’t. How come?

What compression is used? It sounds to me like a so-so quality MP3.

I’m using the tape converter. Would an FM modulator sound better?


I have XM, too. I think it’s the best.

  1. I’d assume the XM antenna is non-directional because there’s so much less signal to capture for audio than audio and video. Also, we’d all look silly with little dishes on our car roofs constantly twirling around to face southeast.

  2. I don’t know what they’re using (and I bet they don’t get specifics) but sound quality can vary quite a bit depending on atmospheric conditions.

  3. I’d bet it would. I’m not using the tape converter and it sounds pretty good when other factors aren’t interfering. On average it sounds MUCH better than standard FM reception.

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