Xmas gifts for teens?

What are 13 year old boys into these days that can be bought for under $50?

There are some cute, inexpensive MP-3 players and portable CD players out there. Most teens like music.

Gift Vouchers. All 13 year old boys are different, despite how similar they may seem and they will appreciate that this is taken into account. Get them a gift voucher for a department store which has both a book section and an electronics/entertainment section. Otherwise, ask them or parents what their favourite store is and get them a voucher for there.

I say vouchers because my brother and my boyfriend’s brother are only six months apart in age and enjoy some similar things but are vastly different when it comes to buying gifts. If you do want to buy them a gift, ask the parents what’s on their wish list and what the parents are okay with.

Good luck!

Sidenote: I’m buying my now fourteen-year-old brother a man-fragrance, so he doesn’t always emanate Lynx. I think he’s got a girlfriend so he might as well smell less like a thirteen year old with no sense of smell :D.

I would NOT buy a cheap Mp3 player. Likely if they don’t have one, they know which one they want and are saving up.

If they play sports, replacing sports equiptment that wears out–like basketballs–is always appriciated. Likewise, if they are artisitic, consummable art supplies. A nice leatherman is useful at any age and is a good boy-turning-into-a-young-man gift.

And just so I can say it first . . .porn.

Find it out if they have an ipod, and then get an itunes music voucher.

OK, fine, I’m pimping for Apple, here.

Well, what do the boys in question like?

I second the gift voucher idea. I know when I hit my teens I was starting to get particular on what I liked. If they like music, go to CD Plus, books, go to Chapters or whatever the US equivalent is (Don’t get one to Wal-mart. My aunt does this and I hate it–not only does it say ‘I have no idea what you like’, I almost never shop at Wal-mart so the things usually wind up costing me money when I wind up buying something I don’t really want just so it doesn’t go to waste). Otherwise, I’d suggest asking his parents what he wants or needs, especially since the wants are likely pretty specific, and it would be easy to get something he already has or that he doesn’t really want–if he likes FPS games, buying him FFXII probably won’t go over too well, even though it’s still a video game.

Short answer–ask the parents. At that age, if you don’t know what to get him you probably shouldn’t be buying something blind.

I say ‘nay’ to the gift vouchers. If you can’t find a specific thing to get (and it can be hard to do) just give cash and note in the card or in person that you wanted to get him an ‘X’ but didn’t know which he’d like. The recipient of your gift can then go buy an ‘X’ with it, but can shop around to find a good deal, or, if ‘X’ costs a little less than the amount of the gift card, won’t be left with $2.42 left on a gift card that he’ll forget about.

There’s a reason that stores love gift cards.

Manda JO, as always, offers good advice.