XP Networking Question

My wifes computer runs through mine on our home network. Her’s uses Win 98 while mine uses Win XP home edition. Our home network has been working fine for years but now she can’t access her yahoo e-mail. I know the problem is software since I can check the packets sent between our computers. It seems to be a problem of her computer sending out information such as trying to log in to her Yahoo e-mail account. I’ve set the all security features to low trying to fix it but no such luck. About a week ago I downloaded Ad-aware and believe that this is when the trouble started. Does anyone know what I can check to figure this out? I know it’s a software problem but can’t find out what might be causing it.

Not enough info, but on a hunch, try this:


It will restore your Winsock 2 settings, which is perhaps corrupted.

Please backup system files, do a system backup, and only then proceed.


I tried that last night and the connection is now working. Thanks!