XP Service Pack _3_?

Just received an automatic notice of an update for my XP installation-says it’s “Service Pack 3.” Just wondering if anyone has installed this yet and how it’s working.

I read in a magazine recently that it’s a bit of a disappointment - lots of people were expecting some Vista shiny in it, but it’s apparently nothing much more than a big, rolled-up collection of all the already-existing XP patches and updates in one handy install.

The network tech I deal with most said it was a good solid patch and goes in with no problems. Sadly, I got no details. I will try in on one of PC’s at home soon.

Mangetout, I did not know or expect or want any Vista Shinies.

In fact, I have heard Vista is being viewed internally as a dismal failure and they are going to get Windows 7 out as soon as 2009. This information was from the same Microsoft certified tech.

Now for the facts: From the Microsoft White Paper. Look near bootom of page for the downloads of the full overview. It is a 10 page Document available in 3 formats.

So as you can see, nothing all that exciting. I have already heard it appears to be bug free.


This is exactly what it is. It’s nothing more than SP2 plus all the patches and updates released since. If you’ve kept up with all the updates, then you do not need to install SP3. If you’re just getting around to updating an old installation of XP, then it’s the easy way to go.

I just downloaded it last night, and tried installing it just this morning. Result: One minute of unpacking, followed by “Could not find file specified.” :dubious:

I’ll give it another shot after work.

Edit: It’s not strictly true that SP3 is only patches. If you read the SP3 doc (which I can’t paste for some reason), you can see some of the optional stuff that got rolled in to it.

I had problems with it. After installing SP3, it stopped giving me access to my external drives. They would be seen as attached via the USB icon in the system tray, but no drive letter was assigned. When I tried to go to Disk Management in Computer Management, it would hang trying to start the Logical Disk Manager Administrative Service.

I was unable to find any solution, so I ended up uninstalling SP3.

I’ve had it since January/February while in beta I had no problems installing it, or using it since. Well that’s not entirely true some games that I used to be able to alt/tab out to the desk top and get back in started giving me no disk errors. Not sure if that was sp3 though but it was the only new thing when the problem started occurring.

Is it a coincidence that my Windows Media Center no longer works?

Remember, it’s not a bug, it’s a feature! :rolleyes:

Seriously, though, I think that there’s been mention that Media Center could be fubar’d by SP3, but don’t quote me on this. They’re also doing something with Media Center versions in future Windows incarnations, but damned if I can remember what it is now. The bits and pieces I’ve heard about Windows 7 are really confusing. They may not be doing a Media Center version of that, or they might have 16 different flavors of Win7, instead of the 6 versions of Vista they have now. One hopes that MS produces a good OS with Win7. Certainly, once they got kinks worked out of XP it was a damned fine OS, so they ought to be able to do that again.

They should take a leaf out of Apple’s book - create the next Windows OS as a GUI and compatibility layers for *nix.

Not quite.

“Contrary to popular belief, Windows XP SP3 does ship with all-new features - not just patches and hotfixes, most of them backported from Windows Vista. The first is a new activation scheme which will not require a product key during installation. The second feature is a new Network Access Protection Module first featured in Windows Vista. Other new items include a Microsoft Kernel.” link

Not too exciting, granted. But SP3 also comes with a speed boost. Some sites say as much as 10%, others more/less. That alone is reason for me to switch, regtardless of anything else, and I’m glad I did. No issues after the install and a noticeable boost in performance.

It’s worth it.

For sure it is dial-up unfriendly. 67 Megs??

The standalone installer (for administrators etc) is 316 MB…

Just installing it on a machine now which I took back to bare metal - foolishly using an install CD that didn’t even have SP1 with it - SP3 does not include SP1, so I had to install that first.