XP2000+, KG7RAID problems

I have a KG7-RAID motherboard and an AMD XP2000 processor and i’m experiencing a few problems. When i first installed the processor, the BIOS displayed “unknown processor” at around 1200mhz. I have flashed the bios several times and now have it recognised as an AMD XP 1500. The thing is, it’s actually an XP2000 not a 1500 but any attempts to change it "either selecting from the list in the bios or adjusting the FSB/multiplier i just get a BSOD then the machine reboots. I have tried every combination of DDR voltage, slew rates and just about everything else i can find on Google but nothing seems to help.

By the way, the machine does run well at 1500 (Using it now in fact) apart from sometimes it will freeze for about a second every 5 seconds or so for no aparrant reason.

Any help greatly appreciated!

I don’t have an answer for you, but you might want to try the forums over at overclockers.com. They’re really good with stuff like that.