YAAAY!!! We're singing with Bernadette Peters!!!!!

I’m a member (Bass) of the North Coast Men’s Chorus, N.E. Ohio’s very own Gay Men’s Chorus. This is our 20th Anniversary Season, and we have already booked Armistead Maupin to join us in our June Pride concert, but have had trouble finding a big name guest artist for the April concert. We’ve been negotiating with several divas for many months, and we just learned, today, that our first choice – Bernadette Peters – has finally accepted!!! We’ll sing a 25-minute set, and she’ll sing a 70-minute solo set. We still don’t know about numbers we’ll be singing (and perhaps dancing) with her. I’m hoping for “Raining in My Heart.”

So much work has already gone into securing her, and obviously the work will increase as the date approaches. We have to remind ourselves that we still need to do our Holiday concert first.


It’s even better than sex!

(And no, I don’t know anything about tickets yet, so don’t ask.)

Excellent news… but I strongly doubt it’s better than sex.

Sorry, I hit the enter, not the preview… and the boards were actually quick enough to get in before I hit escape… wonders shall never cease…

Anyway… back on track.

How many people are in your choir? And how long have you been in it?

it’s definitely not vanilla…

I’m very jealous. She’s wonderful.

Right now, there are about 85 of us, but we’ll probably top 100 by April. This is my 13th season.

I worked on some shows with Ms. Peters in the late 80’s, and she’s a delight. A real sweetheart, and the woman doesn’t age. I haven’t actually seen her in probably 20 years but when I worked with her she looked like she was about 25 when she was actually around 40. Enjoy!


Tomorrow night is our dress rehearsal, with Bernadette Peters and the Cleveland Pops Orchestra. Then the concert is Friday night at 8. One of the songs we’re doing is Sondheim’s “You Could Make a Person Crazy,” with Bernadette singing solo and the chorus doing a rather difficult backup. We’re also doing eight chorus-only songs, including three dance numbers: a Fosse-choreographed “Bye Bye Blackbird,” a tap version of “If My Friends Could See Me Now!” and a frenetic, super-caffeinated version of “Coffee in a Cardboard Cup.”

Of course Bernadette will be doing lots of Sondheim, but also “Fever” and - surprisingly - “Shenandoah.” The truly amazing thing is that she just turned 60(!!!), and looks even better than when I first saw her in “Dames at Sea” in 1968.

I think after this concert, the entire rest of my life will be an anticlimax.

I somehow (and I honestly have no idea how it’s possible) MISSED THIS back when you posted it. I am SO FREAKIN’ JEALOUS!!!

And yes, it IS better than sex! It’s BERNADETTE FREAKIN’ PETERS!!! Seriously! The only way to make this concert more of a major life event is to be having Patti Lupone and Kristin Chenoweth drop by unexpectedly for a couple of sets.

God, I love Bernadette Peters. You’re lucky.

I love her. Always have. I can’t put my finger on what it is about her, but I loves her to death. Congrats.

I told my fellow choristers that she’s the only woman in the world who could make me go straight. I’m seriously worried that I’ll get all choked up and not be able to sing.

My sixteen-year-old daughter would kill to be in your shoes. So you’ll want to watch out for that. :slight_smile:

She is the cover story of today’s Enjoy Magazine, the entertainment weekly of the Akron Beacon Journal (www.ohio.com). Story says Tickets are $10-$105 and available by calling 216-241-6000 or 800-766-6048. Panache45 didn’t mention that it’s at the gorgeous Allen Theatre in Cleveland’s beautiful Playhouse Square! You go,** Panache45! **

Oh wow! That’s amazing Panache! I’m so jealous. I absolutely love her. She’s such the talent. I can’t wait for your follow-up. We must know everything!!!

Argh! I’m only 2 hours away from Cleveland. Unfortunately there’s no way I could go this weekend. :frowning:

I’m jealous.

You are so freaking lucky. I’ve talked with her at the stage door a few times. She is a true delight.

gasp! squee!

Take me with you! Please! I can… uh… fold up in your backpack or something!

You lucky, LUCKY boy.

Enjoy the spotlights out of it! :smiley: Delighted for you. SQUEE!

Oh Bernadette! She’s phenomenal, especially doing Sondheim! You are much to be envied, Panache. Might there be some recording of the performance?

Better than sex?


Better than sex with Bernadette Peters?

I so doubt it! She was my first celebrity crush, as a result of SILENT MOVIE.

That’s absolutely freakin’ incredible! You are soooooooooooo lucky!!
I can’t wait to hear all the details afterwards! Yay panache and choir!