American Idol 1/26 to 1/27

More auditions, more guest judges.

Tune in later for more.

Honestly, reading the comments here after the show is almost better than the show itself.
Will see ya later…

I missed the first 10 minutes. I’m assuming since they’re saying “no golden tickets” that they started with someone who sucks?

What the fuck is the meth addict in the cat hoodie?

The first guy was a real piece of work. Seemed more like a Jack Black character than a real person.

“Worship Pastor”? Is there a non-Worship kind?

It’s Avril Lavigne, and I’m no fan of hers, but what makes you call her a meth addict?

That guest judge, whoever she is, looks like a complete moron in that stupid cat hood thing. She kind of talks like an airhead too. Not a lot going on upstairs there, huh?

Those aren’t cat ears, they’re little horns. I wonder if she has a tail.

Smudged eye makeup, greasy hair, sunken eyes, pale skin, too skinny. She’s got everything but the lesions.

It’s been 15 minutes and we haven’t had a sob story yet.

Who else was sucking their teeth along with Drew Barrymore’s overweight brother? I too wonder what the hell a worship pastor is.

Mary is the best I’ve seen so far in all the auditions, I think.

And Avril was totally right about Worship Paster, even if she said it with that awful up inflection.

Cute kid. Is she a good singer? If I was a younger man I’d make some kind of hittin’ it joke.

She’s vapid, but she didn’t look dirty or drug addicted to me.

Wow, that Past Life show looks singularly awful.

I like a lot of her songs, Complicated being my favorite. I like pop music. If you don’t like pop music you won’t like Avril, no matter how many times she tries to tell you she’s punk.

Unless you meant Katie Perry. She kissed a girl.

Neck tattoo. Classy.

I liked neck tattoo and his song choice and his treatment of it.