American Idol 1/26 to 1/27

I liked Neck Tattoo, sob story and all.

I agreed 100% with Simon on Neck Tat.

Neck tat wasn’t bad. But couldn’t they have moved him out of the 'hood before he got the damned neck tat to begin with?

First one this season I’ll be watching for later. No wait, second – I want to see what happens to that “air o plane” girl.

Katie’s quite pretty also. Never heard her sing either. Did she do SNL? Maybe I did.

Is everyone on this show an effing minister?

But is she a Worship Minister?

“I Touch Myself” guy was my favorite audition so far, maybe ever. I can’t believe they showed that.

Hahahahaha!!! I think that whole performance was the lead up to giving Ryan his number.

Who knew?

People who go to church, maybe. Not me.

Ten bucks says Ryan got drunk and called him later.

I think they should trade Cara for Katy. Let’s vote!

Chris the foster kid is the first one I’ve seen who I think could win.

Was that Neil Patrick Harris as guest judge next week?

No, that was Dr. Horrible of Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog. :wink:

“No, that’s Neil Patrick Harris as guest judge tomorrow” would have also been accepted.

You know, I didn’t hate Kara last year… enjoyed her a lot, actually. But this year she has become so self-absorbed and annoying that I want a piece of the ceiling to fall on her. I was surprised to like Katy Perry as much as I did… helps that she’s cute, but I just thought she seemed kind of normal and unaffected, especially next to Kara DioGuardi, who has become the poster child for affectation.

Also, Kara really shouldn’t sit next to pretty young girls - it makes her look orange.

And I’m focusing on the judges’ skin tones at this point because they’re showing so few good performers, and the ones they are showing… mostly I’m not seeing the overwhelming talent. I think they’re showing the “stories” and not bothering to show us the really outstanding singers because we’ll see the really outstanding singers later, but that makes the current round kind of boring to watch, honestly.

I’m there. She’s a thousand times more tolerable than Kara. I also like that she’s the first person I’ve ever seen on this show who’s willing to call bullshit on the boo hoo backstories.

Is anybody else but me bothered by that stupid neck snapping thing that Kara does? She’s so obnoxious. She reminds of the 6th grade girls I used to teach.

It would be cool if NPH showed up as his Harold and Kumar version of himself.

The show gets a lot of church singers because it’s a good source of amateur singers, plus they look clean cut and are willing to sing insipid material.