American Idol 1/26 to 1/27

Thats kindof what the judges are looking for, actually.

I know. That’s what I mean. They’re ready made for the show.

I found him horribly annoying - throwing your sexuality in everyone’s face and turning every word into sexual innuendo was so gauche.

I think Mary Power (? - rocker chick with the eight-year-old daughter) was pretty good - I think we’ll be seeing her again. Simon was right, she’s a walking cliché at this point, but I think she’ll clean up just fine.

I hope Foster Boy does well - his voice was pretty good, even if his hair was ridiculous. I didn’t agree with Simon’s criticism of him, that he was bland, boy-band material - that sounds like the perfect recipe for AI.

I liked Katie Perry, too - she didn’t seem to like Kara much, though. “You can’t put them through just because they’ve had a hard life.” No shit. Kara is such a useless piece of crap on this show - do you figure they keep her on because her over-sensitive, insecure personality breeds drama?

“This isn’t a Lifetime movie, Kara.”

I am now in love with Katie Perry.

I call your “Harold and Kumar version” and raise you an “on mushrooms”…

Appropriate, given your user name.

Does Andrew Garcia (neck tattoo) remind anyone anyone else of Gokey a rather frightening amount?

Not me.

Well, NOW he does. Thanks a lot, dude. :mad:

Is anyone else catching a big, fat liar vibe from Chris Golightly(the foster home guy)? Also, way to brag about driving a car dangerously while eating and talking on the cellphone. Jerk. And get a haircut.

Are you talking about how she closes her eyes and bobs her head back and forth when she likes a performer? I did a perfect impression of her last night! I could barely tolerate her last season, and now I can’t stand her.

That’s it, yeah. What an irritating affect.

I’m never going to be able to hear his name without thinking someone is giving me instructions on how to grease bakeware.

If you consider a teenage Mick Jagger wannabe as having “sexuality”, maybe. I just thought he was a bad joke.

So they sent 20 people through, but showed us 3 good singers and a dozen train wrecks. I grow weary of the freak show aspect, but no one ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public. Fortunately, Katy Perry was easy on the eyes.

I wonder if that’s his real name or he’s just a big Audrey Hepburn fan.

I don’t think we’re talking about the same idiot - the one I’m talking about was the one who gave his number to Ryan after his performance. I think the one you’re talking about is a water technician who sat on the floor and flailed his legs around.

Simon gets the best line out of the way right away.

Guy singing Meatloaf: “Remember everything that I told you…” ::forgets words::

Simon: “Ironic.”

That guy was a piece of work.

He was the shiniest person I’ve ever seen outside of a freshly polished Tin Man.

So many idiots…hard to keep them straight.

Anyone else catch **Daniel Franco ** from “Project Runway” in one of the clip packages? He’s the guy who was on PR in both seasons one and two.