Yaay, I'm drunk!

Nothing else of value to add… just to say that I’m drunk… I guess it’s monumental b/c it only happens once every other month or so… Also, there are 6 or so german exchange students in my hot tub right now.

Are you drunk on vodka? Today IS Vodka Day, y’know. :wink:

And are you sure about the people in your hot tub?


i’ll be joining you in… checks watch 90 minutes. :smiley:


Sure as in… are they there? Yes, I’m sure. Quite sure. No, not on vodka, there is none in the house… Beck’s beer.

Meh, ya gol durn whippersnapper!

Guess I’ve got some catching up to do.

[reaches for beer]

Caipirinhas tonight.

MMMMMMM Becks! I’m half drunk on lowly Coors Light, but the feeling is just as good…

Wait…there are six exchange students in your hot tub and you’re on the SDMB?

Hot tubs rise to mythical shenanigan proportions when you are drunk! Get ye into said hot tub!!!

I was drunk last night. yawn

Ended up at some death metal bar, it was interesting to say the least. A bunch of crazy guys playing bumper tag in front of the stage, and a bunch of other people hanging around with half their hair shaved off wearing all black. I had to apologize to the bartender for my unsightly appearance, she was wearing all black with lots of accessories, piercings and tats. I had on a green golf shirt, shorts and sandals. It was fun though, I will go back there again.

… breakin’ the law, breakin’ the law …

What is it with us Equine Posters getting blasted and posting? The world may never know…

There are only 3 exchange students, you are seeing double. :d

I was in said hot tub. And I got back in after I posted this… I ran inside for something… (I forget what now) and decided to do some posting. We had a total of 11 people in a hot tub designed for 6 :slight_smile: