YAFVEQ (yet another fraking video editing Question)

once more into the fray, I picked up a nice shiny new http://www.goprocamera.com/index.php?area=2&productid=30 (THANKS DOPERS!!!) which shoots some down right astounding hidef 1080p footage that makes me feel all funny in the pants.

the problem I have, using Sony Vegas I cannot get it to load an files over roughly 2 gigs/20min from this camera. I also cant figure out what search phrase I need to locate the setting I need to adjust or hack I need to download or whatever I need to do to make this damn thing work. since a large number of the files I want to edit are 40+ min long this is getting frustrating fast.
(seriously thanks to whatever doper suggested the GoPro, that thing friggin rocks.)

How are you connecting it to your computer? You’re getting speeds of about 13 Mbps, which is pretty terrible for USB 2.0. You might try using a shorter USB cable and using a different port. Especially try one on the back side of your computer, mounted directly on the motherboard. Front ones can be slow sometimes.

sorry I wasnt clear, I can pull the files off the camera fine, and they play great. when I go to load them into Vegas for editing is when the trouble starts.

I use Adobe Premiere elements 7 to edit my hidef video, which is taken at 60 fps in full hidef using H.264. They are big files also. I have only heard good things about Vegas on the boards. I think Adobe has free trials for download, so one thing you might consider doing is downloading a free trial from a different vendor to make sure the problem is Vegas…in general I’ve seen a lot of complaints on the video editing boards that non-pro versions of video editors choke on bigger files.

One other thought: there are a host of fake SDHC cards out there. You can buy a cheap “32GB card” that is really only a 2 GB card but has a small program on it which fakes the camera into thinking it’s recording to a 32 GB card but actually only records 2 GB and dumps the rest. So you think you have all this nice footage and it ain’t really there. When you transfer the files, make sure they play properly all the way through to the end–i.e. make sure the whole file is there. It doesn’t sound like that’s your problem but just a thought.