Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is a Gold Plated Bitch

If this has been mentioned before, sorry. New Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has issued an edict from on high that says all Yahoo employees who telecommute must start showing up at their offices every day starting in June.

She took the job when she was 6 months pregnant and took only two weeks of maternity leave. then she, at her own expense built a nursery next to her office.
She has also been quoted as saying roughly “the baby was easy”.

Now I don’t have a problem with asking the yahoos to show up at their offices. I am not in IT but I understand the idea of people getting together face to face, brainstorming, creating innovative ideas etc.

My problem is that this elitist bitch is telling women who don’t have a $137 million contract, and don’t live in a penthouse with dozens of handlers taking care of the “easy baby” that it is no prob. It is her perceived attitude that pisses me off. RO I guess, never mind

How is Yahoo even still a thing?

:rolleyes:oh yeah, culture change by fiat has always worked.

I predict this doesn’t end well.

So the nursery is next to her office you say? Are there going to be monogrammed food and water bowls next to her desk?

Wait, you said baby right? Eh, whatever.

I’m kind of surprised that people are this upset about Yahoo!'s decision. People also seem to think that because Mayer is a woman, she shouldn’t be making hard-nosed decisions like this. She’s in charge, it’s her call and she made it. If it’s the wrong call, she’ll be held accountable.

If Mayer was a man, I wonder if people would be this outraged at the policy change?

That was my honest reaction.

It baffles me whenever bosses are this out of touch with their employees. People aren’t usually effective when they are pissed off.

Seems to me that maternity leave is different from long-term telecommuting. She can eliminate the latter without impacting the former. If she’s specifically said that the new policy is to make new mothers get their asses into work, then OK, pit away. Otherwise, her own maternity situation seems rather irrelevant.

I don’t think the issue is with her maternity leave, or lack thereof, but with the realization that she built herself a childsafe facility next to her office and changed the corporate environment so *she *wouldn’t have to leave her child to work. You know how moms who aren’t rich work without leaving their children? They find jobs where they can telecommute.

She’s essentially “telecommuting” from within her office, and now denying other mothers (and fathers and childless adults) from doing the same.

Plus she brushed off any concerns that her being pregnant when hired would cause any problems. Well of course, if she’s going to custom-build a nursery next to her office, she’s set. Pity she just fucked over a bunch of her employees who can’t exactly do the same thing.

Some employees took the job on the understanding that they could telecommute, so how many people will they lose? Or is that the goal? Also, the companies I’m familiar with encourage telecommuting so they can maintain smaller office buildings. Some of them don’t even have enough space to house everyone.

There’s a thread about this in GD which maybe someone else can link, but some speculate that this is a way to lose people without firings or severance.

Yes, but the problem with this approach is that there’s no way to manage who quits, so they’re likely to lose some of the better employees.

It certainly seems like they are willing to take that chance. It will be interesting to see if saving money costs them intellectual capital, to their detriment.


If Mayer was a man, I think the bigger concern would be speculation as to how he brought his baby to full term without a uterus.

I predict that, eventually, people will get the fuck over this.

I think Yahoo employees have a bigger longterm concern than Marissa Mayer’s policy for telecommuting.

Let’s go to the quarry and throw stuff down there!

Thank you! I had a rough start to my day, and this post just cracked me right the fuck up!

Fine! No more telecommuting. But I’m still working in my PJs dammit!

Thank you right back! I had a rough start too, so glad I could brighten someone’s day.

On a more serious note, I’m really getting tired of the idea of “If (some woman acting like a jerk) were a man, no one would ever complain.”

If Frederica Phelps were a man who started an abusive cult in Topeka, no one would complain.

If Charlize Sheen were a man who went off the rails, no one would have a problem with that.

If Hillary Clinton were a man who was elected President, no one would bat an eyelash.

Oh, to be male and have not a worry in the world!

If this is so important to them, then maybe those special Silicon Valley snowflakes should form a union and collectively bargain for it.