Yahoo doesn't look right [in Safari]

I thought I’d asked this before, but then I may have found a solution before asking. Anyway…

The Yahoo home page. Prior to earlier today, the top of the page had an image. Below the image were a series of thumbnails that would be shown in the larger image area for a few seconds each. You could scroll through fifty or a hundred thumbnails to see what Yahoo thinks is important. Like this.

Now the page doesn’t look like that. There are images along the left side of the middle column, with titles like ‘Need to know’, ‘Politics’, ‘World’, and so on. Like this. I’ve tried clearing Yahoo cookies, clearing cache, closing Safari, doing a software update, rebooting the computer, signing off and onto Yahoo… Nothing works. But here’s the thing: It looks normal in Firefox. I logged onto my work computer and Yahoo looks normal in Internet Explorer.

So something happened between Yahoo and Safari. Naturally, there’s no way to contact Yahoo. Any idea how I can get back to the way it was?

I tried clearing Yahoo cookies, clearing cache, and restarting Safari again. This time it’s back to normal. Weird, since I’ve done that several times today.

Anyway, no need for this thread anymore.

It’s doing it again. In every browser now.

Sadly, Yahoo has “revamped” its front page. You just get the four stories now and the comments section has become impossible (as opposed to merely offensive).