Yahoo E-Mail Problem

Lately I have noticed that I am having to scroll down myself to see what I am writing, and I also have to scroll left to see what I am writing on the same line.

Does anyone have a fix for this?



Can you take a screenshot to describe what you mean?

Okay, I just went to my yahoo COMPOSE page and was able to type 4 lines before I was no longer able to see what I was writing and had to use the mouse to scroll down.

After that I can type one more line beofre I have to self-scroll and it repeats this after every one line of typing…


That’s odd… what browser are you using? What operating system? Does it only happen in Yahoo’s compose box or any multi-line text field (i.e. the SDMB reply box?)

IE6 and Windows XP SP2 , and it only happens with Yahoo. Question has also been sent to Yahoo. No reply yet.

Thanks! :smiley:


Sorry, I looked around but I still don’t know :frowning:

Well, thanks for trying, anyway, reply .