Yahoo, Hotmail email security bug?

I came across a posting on another site (totally unrelated to hacking BTW) which gave instructions for obtaining anyone’s Yahoo, Hotmail, or rediffmail(?) email password. (Don’t worry mods, I won’t post the link).
If this isn’t a hoax, I assume Yahoo is familiar with this security bug and have probably already remedied it. However I’ve checked Yahoo’s site and can’t find ANY email contact on their help page. Is anyone familiar with this posting detailing how to hack email passwords (I assume it must be fairly widespread) and know if it’s true? I’ll only say that it involves emailing for a lost password with certain body copy.

I’m not sure,but it sounds like the scam that has been around a while.

Let me guess? the way to hack it is to send ur email password with some pseudo-script garbage to a email addy on yahoo or hotmail that will email u back with your intended victims password?

think about that…

I cannot believe people fall for this.
First, why are you trying to get passwords of other hotmail accounts?

Secondly, why would you need to send your email and password to get into another account?

A friend told me about this email and was wondering if it was real.
I read the message and thought interesting until hit me… what a joke.

I’m sure the people who set up these etc accounts are laughing their heads off…

I didn’t even read far enough into the thing to see that yes, in fact on line three you’re supposed to send YOUR OWN email address and password.
JEEZ! Thank god all my personal email and banking info is safe with that nice Nigerian Prince fellow. :wink:

Still it’s weird that Yahoo doesn’t have an email contact on their help page (unless it’s VERY well hidden) probably for the very fact that they’d get dozens of queries on this scam.