Yahoo Mail now a 100MB of space!!!

My gosh,

I must say that yahoo is impressing me with this. I guess it’s to compete with the g-mail thing coming out on Google but hey, I don’t need a gigabyte of space and I am very pleased with the spam control and the volume of it in general and now I’m going to be sticking to my address for a looooooooong time!!

I remember having a hotmail account…that sucked!! Sooo much spam and too much loading time. Yahoo mail even has a cool fast, interface that I’m loving since I only have a 56k connection.

How do you guys feel about this move by yahoo and yahoo account owners, how do you like the new service?

Happy as hell

Yes, it’s cool.

I’m a complete and utter leftwing, but in this situation market forces really did work in the customer’s favour. :wink:

I use my Yahoo account a lot, and I really needed this increase; it came at a perfect time.

back up, what are you guys talking about? Are we talking paid Yahoo mail accounts or the freebies or what?

Freebie all the way, and they increased the file size limit to 10 megs!

I’m thrilled with this change. I was seriously considering trying to get a gmail account (or a account), but now I don’t need one. I was often bumping into the old 6mb limit, and people couldn’t send me big files.

Big thumbs up to Yahoo!

I like the change too. However, it seems that personal “marketing preferences” (“Special offers & marketing communications from Yahoo!”) have been re-set to accept all categories. I’ve changed mine back to “Include Me” out.

Why is mine still 6 meg then? I could do with more space. Or is this only on .com, rather than the yahoo?

Strange. Mine’s and I got the 100 meg. Maybe it’s taking them some time to do all accounts. For me this changed over about 10.30 GMT.

Papermache Prince, thanks, I must check that and re-set.

My marketing preferences seem to have stayed the same (ie, never send me anything. Ever.)

Did Yahoo always have a ‘Search’ function for your email? I’m pretty sure they didn’t. (It’s one of the three buttons at the bottom of the screen, along with ‘Check Mail’ and ‘Compose’.) The search feature were why I wanted a gmail account in the first place - if it’s well done, I could see myself not jumping ship for gmail after all, although my offer of baked goods in the gmail swap thread still stands :slight_smile:

I couldn’t believe it when I signed on this morning. Solves alot of pains in my ass.

When I logon to the US Yahoo, it sez $9.95 for the hundred megs, not free

Mine is 100 MB free as well.

I’m torn; on one hand, it’s going to save me from having to figure out what to do with all the junk I’ve got in there right now (well, it’s not really junk – it’s stuff like genealogy info I haven’t figured out what to do with yet, personal letters I don’t have the heart to delete, that sort of thing). On the other hand, it means I won’t be forced to do something with what I’ve got in there now, so I’ll just keep accumulating more.

The free Yahoo! service is now 100MB. The Mail Plus service ($20/year) will get you 2GB of storage.

Zev Steinhardt

A double thumbs up for Yahoo! It was a pleasant surprise to login and find out about it. I also feel that the new interface is kinda cool too.

The timing couldn’t have been better. I was about to ask how to archive Yahoo Mail because I was spending more time maintaining my mailbox than reading my mail. And when my wife gets fed up with me this will make discovery so much easier for her lawyer! :wink:

Since I have Mail Plus service, I was annoyed as hell last night to get a message telling me that my mail was being temporarily blocked until I trashed some messages (I had about 7 MB toward my 25 MB limit). So I was most pleased to find out this morning that, instead of having to hunt down someone to complain to, I actually had 2 GB available. :eek: :cool:

I have to “ditto” that as well. I was always running out of room when I had only 6MB storage, so I upgraded to Mail Plus. Since then, I’ve seen my email box slowly grow, going from 6MB to 12-14MB. It was a bit disconcerting to see my mail storage % go from 25 up over 50%. Imagine how pleasantly surprised I was when I saw “1% of 2GB used” this morning. :slight_smile:

Zev Steinhardt

I just got this email from them- I’m using Yahoo DSL:

I was just thinking that the changeover went through fairly easily… guess there had to be a bug or two… :slight_smile:

:frowning: I still only have 4.

I’m only using 14% of it, but my wife doesn’t filter her spam, or check her mail daily, so she’s constantly filling up.