Yahoo Mail "You're Almost There" Page....

… is a pain in the ass. I already have IE9 and they tell me so, but in order to get rid of that extra step, I have to download their toolbar, which I don’t want.
So I click on “Continue anyway…”.

Anyone else geting this and what can one do if one doesn’t want the toolbar and wants to skip that page?



I have never heard of this screen. I wonder if you have some spyware or something.

What browser and version are you using? I think that message means you need to upgrade your browser.

IE 9, and they TELL me I have IE9 already and then ask if I want to install the toolbar or go ahead anyway. I run Spybot S&D every day as well as malwarebytes.

Do y’all need a screenshot?



Sorry I do too much multitasking and didn’t realize you already said what browser you have.

From everything I read I think it’s just a BS move by Yahoo! and you’re out of luck unless you’re willing to install the toolbar or switch mail providers. I’d switch mail providers.

Writing Yahoo! couldn’t hurt. If they get enough feedback about it they may reconsider.

I don’t think this is it. I don’t have Yahoo! toolbar, so I would be getting the same message whenever I log into Mail if this was the case.

It sounds like you recently set installed or something up on Yahoo!, but did you just make a new account? Upgrade to new Mail? Installed a “Super Fix Ur Computer Now!” program that had an odd ticking sound?

Screenshots of both pages



No new account, yahoo forcedly made me take the new format and I’ve not installed any ticking programs.



It’s not any sort of spyware. Somehow IE9 misreports as IE7 in some instances (those scripted images that tell you what browser you’re using also say IE7). Since yahoo requires IE9 to do their latest mail page, it tells you that you need to upgrade.

No idea on the fix, just clarifying that this isn’t some sort of malware issue.

Yeah, IE9 is just loads of fun. Try this:

  • First, right-click on a blank space in the toolbar area (to the right of that “More >>” button will work) and check “Menu bar”. This will add some menus to the top left.

  • Under the Tools menu, click Compatibility View Settings.

  • In the “Add this website:” field, type (ETA: I pulled this URL from your screenshot; if it’s not the one you normally use to access your mail, use that one instead.)

  • Click “Add”, then “Close”.

Once you’ve done that, try accessing your mail again. What this does is cause IE9 to pretend it’s IE8 when you access the sites that you add to that list…hopefully it’ll knock some sense into Yahoo Mail for ya.

Roland, when I right-click to the right of More>>, I get a small drop-down and the top one is “toolbar options”, but I don’t see any of the rest of what you wrote, sorry!



Hrrm. Might be an older version of the IE9 beta…the original didn’t have the menu bar available.

In any case, we can test this a little more easily. See that little blue icon to the right of your URL bar that looks like a broken rectangle? Go to your email login page, then click that. It’ll reload the page in Compatibility Mode. See what that doesn’t do.

Roland, that works!

Thank you VERY MUCH, my friend! Thou rockest! :slight_smile:


Just dropping a line to say, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. It worked!

If that is the case, might it not be better for Quasi to just do the upgrade suggested by Yahoo, from the (probably buggy) IE9 early beta to the (presumably less buggy) current release version?

This is what I was going to say. Quasi, to make it less likely you’ll run into this problem elsewhere, go ahead and download and install the latest version of Internet Explorer 9.

Here’s a link.