Does anyone know what's happening with Yahoo! ??

All I get when I try to access my email is

“Do you Yahoo?”

In big bold letters on a white screen. At first I thought “Maureen, you dummy, what’d you do wrong?” as my eyes are barely open and I am pre caffeine. But no, I’m still getting that response. Any of you East Coast dopers who’ve been up for a while got a clue for me?

Apparently not…
Just tried mine. It’s working fine.

Mine worked fine this morning. Is it a popup, or one of those vastly irritating things that crawls across your screen and keeps you from seeing the website?

Mine works fine too, sorry no help here.

No, it’s just a plain white screen with that at the top. Very strange. Maybe coffee will help, after all.

I looked at Yahoo help.

Basically, for all loading problems it says ‘wait 10 minutes and try again’.
so… yeah. not too helpful.

Okay, the weirdness progresses. When I access the mail option from Yahoo’s main page, I can get in. Hitting the mail button on my toolbar gets the weirdo message.
I reported it, so we shall see…

Sounds like something might have altered your Mail link. Check it out and make sure that it’s pointing to Yahoo mail, instead of whatever site you’re ending up at.

rowe, that turned out to be the case. Thanks very much for the suggestion, it was driving me slightly paranoid. :slight_smile: