Yahoo View

I’ve been trying out Yahoo View the last few days. It’s different from Hulu, but overall, it seems to be better. The only real negative that I’ve seen so far is that it doesn’t seem to remember your frequent/recent shows watched, like Hulu did. One thing that’s different is that episodes are listed in reverse chronological order.

Generally speaking, the ad breaks seem to be shorter but more frequent. On a 50-minute show, there were 7 breaks, but 3 of them were only 30 seconds long.

They have a lot more shows, and a lot more episodes for those shows, than Hulu did (at least for its free tier). The current shows seem to follow the same “last 5 episodes” scheme, but older shows that are no longer on the air have a lot more available.

There’s also quite a few foreign shows available, with closed captioning.

Keeps telling me “We’re working quickly to bring Yahoo View to your phone. In the meantime, try it out on your laptop.” but I am on my laptop.