Yale and Harvard grads, you are idiots.

Really not much more to report than the tread title. If someone can earn an undergrad degree from Yale, then earn a Master’s from Harvard, and still be called an idiot/moron/dullard/simpleton/addyourowninsulthere, well, I guess that says something about the “elite” universities.

And don’t give me shit about family ties. It may get someone in, but whom graduated the elites?

Them did, I guess.

Any specific examples, mate?


You elitist grammer type. :stuck_out_tongue:

No, it does not. There are idiots everywhere. I went to a university roughly on par with those two and knew some morons. Universities can screen them out. Someone can get good grades and test scores and still be an idiot.

Not sure if you’re asking this seriously or not, but duffer is talking about George W. Bush.

So Bush has an MBA and got into Yale as a legacy. This proves what about his intelligence? He’s not a drooling lobotomy patient, we already knew that. He has some dumb-ass ideas about the world, and an MBA doesn’t cancel that out.

It says that they’re occasionally willing to lower their standards to achieve some purpose other than higher education - rewarding someone for donating money (to keep the cash coming), having children of the rich and famous attend their institutions (for its cachet), achieving diversity (either to be PC or because diversity is a good thing), etc. This should hardly come as a terrible shock to anyone.

BTW, don’t get me wrong. I do agree, wholeheartedly, that Yale and Harvard grads are idiots. Unprincipled, moronic, lazy, dishonest, malodorous perverts, the lot of them. :wink:

:looks in the mirror:

Yep, can’t argue with that.

BTW, duffer, as much of an idiot as I may be, I encountered people at Harvard who were far dumber. Not just lacking book smarts, but consistently making seriously stupid decisions. Without exception, they were legacies. Something about being handed the best without having had to work for it gave them a kind of stupid overconfidence and shortsighted lack of concern for consequences that frequently bit them in the ass.

You say that as if that was a bad thing, Early Out. :wink:

Seriously, my father is a Yale graduate. He received his Ph.D. in Theoretical Chemistry from there, and he’s the smartest person I have ever met in my entire life.


In addition to the legacy thing, there’s intelligence and there’s intelligence.

The two most academically brilliant people I know are completely socially retarded. They simply haven’t a clue.

One of them has orange teeth and dresses like a bag lady. On arrival in Northern Ireland from Dublin once, she asked very loudly in a café “is it safe to drink the water here?” When she was told to hush, she again shouted “but we are in a different country!!!” This from a woman who’s lived in Ireland all her life.

And then there was the Harvard PhD that my dad employed on a Rhodes Scholarship at Oxford University. The guy was great. Really nice, charming, socially able, and a frickin’ genius.

Couldn’t drive.

He failed his test 10 times in a row, and after seven car wrecks, he gave up trying. His brain-the-size-of-a-planet couldn’t parse the information coming at him from the rear-view mirrors, and he constantly perceived the action behind him as being in reverse.

Otherwise intelligent people can have really stupid ideas. Case in point: William Shockley, who co-invented the transistor (without which we’d all still be using vacuum tubes instead of those nifty little chips), and was also a major proponent of eugenics.

My uncle, a nuclear physicist, recently sent me the following email:

Thus proving the theorum that smart can, in fact, equal smrt.

Sounds almost as if you talk about me, but I don’t need to look in the miror to have that effect.
Well… there are a few other minor differences with your given example:
My single functioning brain cell floats freely in my skull and I have a licence to drive and terrorize unsuspecting road users.
I gave up driving though after after being knocked in a coma for 3 days by a rock attacking my vehicle. That drastic intervention destroying my dreams to be a Formula I pilot happened in the middle of what usually is described as a desert. This saw me see The Light behind the sun, which showed itself to be very dark (and occasionally still rather painful).

I never heard however that this had something to do with my study curriculum and the results I gathered at univ. But now that I think of it: It is possible that my braincell came really into high speed function after it woke up again.

Salaam. A

Ditto for Oxford, which I attended for five years on my D.Phil (and how much of an idiot does that make me, taking over five years for that?) I met several people there that, in the real world, would have been considered either moronic or near-insane. They could do one thing–their selected subject matter–amazingly well, and that’s how they got into their respective programs. And, yes, a good portion of those students were from “independent” (read: private) schools. Again, students from Winchester, Eton, Harrow and like schools were so used to everything going their way that they felt they didn’t need to learn anything but what they wanted to learn. Fine enough if somebody like that wanted to become a don, but God Save the Queen if they wanted to become Prime Minister.

I didn’t go to an Ivy undergrad, but my med school competes with Harvard for the title of #1. And the students we got in med school often had very great intellectual depth but very, very narrow. Outside of their areas, they were clueless. I had some major deficits myself, but compensated by sacrificing depth for breadth.

I hate when that happens. Damn rocks. Somebody ought to do something.

“We got good old boys from LSU
Went in dumb came out dumb too,
Shufflin’ round Atlanta in they alligator shoes
Gettin’ drunk every weekend at the barbecue…”
Randy Newman, Rednecks

Yup. We could always spot 'em at twenty paces. (Princeton checking in, here. Hence my scorn of those lowlier clip joints.)

I have sworn testimony from a Dartmouth graduate that a decent percentage of the people attending were distinctly poor students, and that there was no evidence that it was any different elsewhere in the Ivy League.

Fuck you, man, I just showered.