Ya'll are a bad influence on me.

Lastnight I was bored so I visited the message board I used to be on before I came here. I hadn’t even lurked on there in 2 years. There was a thread started by a newbie, and I swear I don’t know what got into me, because I rarely pick on newbies here. The thread was titled "Greatings! I’m new hear!"
Now, I admit, I’m probably one of the worse spellers here. But, DAMN!
So I replied, "Are you also new at spelling? :slight_smile: " See, I put the smiley in and everything. And everybody attacked me for being mean! They were falling all over themselves trying to assure this newbie that they were’nt all like me. Which reminded me of why I left in the first place. The newbie even said he thought my post was funny. But they were in such a frenzy, they ignored him. I was able to escape before they brought out the tar and feathers.

I’m just disappointed that any self respectin’ hillbilly would misspell “y’all”.

Smiley —> :smiley:

Sometimes I spell it “y’all”, sometimes I spell it “ya’ll” for variety. :slight_smile:

I thought that was hilarious- can I use that line?

So, was this message board in question for pre-surgical patients? 'Coz some of the posters are obviously waiting for their stick-ectomies.


An obvious choice… being picked on for your spelling (here) = good, picking on someone else for their spelling (there) = bad. We luv ya, honey, even if you can’t spell for shite.

Shucks…ya beet me too it. :wink:

If it’s any consolation, your grammar sucks too.

The smilie is implied.

Y’all/Ya’ll are being mean!

Hillbilly, just name the time/place and I’ll be more than happy to be a bad influence on you, Hon!


Well, I make Typo’s myself, so a few minor spelling errors I can excuse. But- for God’s sake spell the damn title right!

Pet Peeve. :mad:

No, all the members of that Board are part of a Federal program that hides people of low intelligence.

It’s called the Witless Protection Program.


Just to yank yo chain fuh-ther. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Great. Now she has hiccups. :rolleyes:

Hey, at least give the newbie credit for getting “I’m new” right.

I misspelled something today that made me look like a real pinhead…all because I didn’t take the time to look my work over. I deserve an “F”, damnit…

AAAGGGHHH!!! typos, typos, typos!

No capital, no apostrophe.

Sorry. MY pet peeve.

Having grown up in parts of Hillbillydom, I was never really certain how to spell the contraction of you all. y-’-a-l-l is logical, but in Georgia and Tennessee the pronounciation runs more towards y-a-’-l-l. It’s not as if you could look it up (perhaps one may now).

I’ve recently gained a customer who’s originally from Pennsylvannia. She uses a word that is apparently a contraction of “you ones”. Anybody care to disclose the appropriate spelling?

Oh, Hillbilly Queen, that was a big WHOOSH you heard when you responded to Harmless’s post, in case you were wondering.