Y'all hate me...but you know I'm right

OH god, I totally owned you on the Russia threads. You’re supposed to be an expert, and I absolutely owned you.

Things are moving in the so-called progressive direction at a decent clip. At least socially. The problem I see people having is we tend to overemphasize how important right now actually is.

The biggest danger is when extremists start challenging basic Age of Enlightenment axioms.

You have no fucking idea. I lived through the 60s. You’re a total moron. More than almost anyone else, I wish I could use the ignore function on your posts.

You lived through the 60s!!1? Educate us, grampa.

I don’t hate you. Until this thread, I don’t even remember reading a post of yours or interacting with you, despite your having been here a few years. I don’t think you are as well known or provocative as you believe.

Huh. Poetic justice does actuall happen in real life.

Yeah, coward is absolutely right. You’re impotent with rage, so you create and share these fantasies where you lock up your enemies and “re-educate” them. You yearn for a big strong military man to come along and make you feel safe again. You tell us how you’re the smartest guy here, and how anyone who doesn’t agree with you is an idiot, and how your most-special experiences somehow make you the most capable person to explain what’s happening. More often than not, you just state the fucking obvious, then smother it in ten pounds of your psychotic bullshit, and scream for us to prove you wrong, o the poor misunderstood prophet.

You push this fantasy that we’re too far gone to fix any of this with voting and knocking on doors and phone banking, but you stop juuuuuust a hair short of saying what you *reaaaaallly *want someone to do to the sub-human Nazi bacteria that’s infected our culture and way of life beyond all hope. “Voting’s not enough, sheeple! Knocking on doors and phone banking is a waste of time! There’s no saving us now! Start doing some nasty shit to these animals! You can’t really understand what’s going on cuz you’re Canadian! You don’t understand cuz you’re from Michigan! You don’t understand cuz you haven’t read the same magazines I’ve read! You don’t understand cuz you didn’t grow up seeing the exact same fucked up shit I did!” O-kay.
And seriously, you think people here “hate” you? Dude, no one even cares enough about you to start a Pit thread on you. Attention whore troll that you are, you had to fucking start one yourself. I think you need to lay off the prison wine and step away from the Internet for a while.

I realize I am gonna be sorry I asked. But, what the hell does that mean?

When Canada starts building a wall along their southern border, then I’ll know it’s really time to panic.:wink:

To the OP: You might want to at least wait to see how the next couple of elections go.

That said, I’m on record as predicting Trump wins re-election in 2020. Some of that is defensive pessimism, but things may get worse before they get better. I’m generally a short-term pessimist, but a long-term optimist. “The arc of the moral universe is long”, and all that.

Edit: I think he’s making some reference to this guy.

I’m as scared as anybody that this great “American Experiment” may be on its last legs, mostly because I’ve read my share of history. I also just read “The Plot to Destroy Democracy” by Malcolm Nance and it’s pretty scary. We have a corrupt executive, a co-opted legislature, and a compliant judiciary is on its way. But I’m cautiously optimistic. I see a possible blue wave-like thingy that may flip one house, I see anti-gerrymandering initiatives. I see likely primary opposition to trump in 2020 (and I know that every defeated president in my lifetime faced serious primary opposition). And I know that trump’s base is about 27-30% of the country, tops. And if I’m wrong, well I do know the last great act of defiance.


Last rolls of the dice eh?

Elsewise there’ll be blood in the streets?
Or somebody will put a kink in the HFCS drip feeding the American lifestyle?

If it’s really that dire, has anybody asked the generals how they are lining up?
Oh and the irony of American exceptionalism hoping to return to normality.

Comedy gold, folks.

I’m beginning to think you don’t read for comprehension. Chronos said you were giving up, and you said oh no, sir! I am NOT ignorant. :confused:

You’re definitely not reading. The only place glowacks mentioned “giving up” was in reference to you: specifically, giving up reading you.

I have to say your approach to the self-pit is unique. You started the thread. You invite comment. You rant at anyone who posts and everything you say is more unintelligible. This should go well.

…not for me. Maybe for you guys.

What part of “I don’t know what happens next” did you fail to understand?

I had to google that. Are you feeling okay?

It wouldn’t be a silly question to ask.

What the fuck are you talking about?

How exactly do you feel you have been proven right? Have the elections for next month been cancelled? Has martial law been declared?

No. First off, I don’t hate you. But, more relevantly, I actually think you are dangerously wrong. What you are saying removes all hope when hope factually exists, and inspires people to sit back and do nothing, or, worse, think all options are exhausted and they might as well become violent revolutionaries.

I do usually try to give you a wide berth because I know you’re clearly depressed, and you don’t seem to actually be dragging anyone else down. So I mostly leave you alone.

But I do think I have to make it clear that my issue with you (and why I have you on ignore) is that you are wrong. I’ve actually caught myself believing your pessimism, and it only made the world worse. It’s not good.

Please take care of yourself instead of getting mad at us for keeping hope alive.

Let’s see:

-JFK was going to put us all under the authority of the Vatican

-Bush was going to cancel the elections, declare marshal law, and anyone who protested would be sent to fema camps

-Obama was a secret Muslim who was actually born in Kenya. He was going to institute Sharia law and take away everyone’s guns.
And Reagan was going to start a nuclear war. Let’s stop panicking here. PLEASE, for the love of god.

Probably make one last MPSIMS post of “Oops,” right before they break down my door and frog-march me to a death camp. If I’m lucky enough to escape that, I could help make the Combat Infantry of the ACLU chili or baked macaroni.

I’m concerned but not panicking. Your all-powerful Fuehrer couldn’t stop Stormy Daniels from ridiculing his dick on national TV, and we’ve survived crazier shit than this.

…Trump actually is the stupidest man on the planet. The stupidest man on the planet is in charge of the most powerful military machine in the history of the world. The NYT alleged that the president of the United States of America may have committed millions of dollars in fraud and that story didn’t even last a couple of days in the news cycle.

There are actual white supremacists embedded deep into this administration who are doing their darnedest to make America white again. Every single day the White House broadcasts lies and propaganda. Just today the Senate Judiciary Chairman agreed that George Soros was helping to orchestrate the protests against Kavanaugh.

For the love of god you cannot compare conspiracy theories with actual fucking conspiracy theorists. The conspiracy theorists are running the US fucking government. At least the people “panicking” actually seem to have an idea of what the fuck is going on.

I wouldn’t put too much stock in the November elections. If the Republicans lose the House, it will just give Trump a scapegoat–an excuse to continue fucking things up–and they’ll believe him.

Even if the House tries to do something, such as investigations, Trump will just call it “deep state” or “fake news” – and they’ll believe him.

If there is a recession, he’ll blame it on the Democrats in the House – and they’ll believe him.

Let’s face it: The OP does have something of a point. A lot of Americans are fucking idiots. In fact, they got that way by sitting around on their asses watching The Apprentice and other TV bullshit all the time.