Y'all think your house is cluttered?

You ain’t seen nothing yet.
It boggles the mind.

FEEEEECCCKK! that’s a lot of pics to load on one page!

There is a lot of stuff to show.
Trust me.

The scary thing is, I used to live in a single room that looked a lot like that.

I got better.

Now I have an apartment with lots and lots of floorspace. I like floorspace. :slight_smile:

Lots and lots of pictures. And totally, completely unable to look away. Take mom out for a nice dinner, my pal Guido and I will be by with the gas can…

I think this story has been around a couple of years. The guy’s mother had/has an OCD.

I see stuff like this, and maybe even worse, daily as a home health nurse. Generally I send out a social worker to speak with the person. Yeah, it’s their right to live like that, but I have to make sure they are safe. We used to call adult protective services on these cases, but I live in a large county and they are so back logged.

I didn’t make it all the way thru the pics. Are there animals in the home, particularly cats who like to pee on things? Very unsanitary and probably dangerous to the health of the occupant.

There’s several birds in cages.

It has. It was posted by one of the guys on somethingawful back some time ago. I am not sure if this is the same guy or if somebody ripped his thread, though.

Very odd…this is the third time today I’ve seen this linked to on a message board! Popular all over again!

Ok, I just now saw the very top of that link’s page, and it does say it was originally posted at SA. I don’t remember seeing it the first two times today, but that could easily be explained by me just not paying attention.

A few birds in cages, which are (predictably) full of bird-toys and such.

This would be completely intolerable to me; I’d have a panic attack in a house like this. If anything, I’m OCD the other way. I like blank walls, empty floors, and nothing in the house that’s unused. I’ll go years without buying anything decorative for my home, because I just know that as soon as I get it home, I’m going to hate it, and then I’ll feel guilty, etc.

As for the site, my vote for “Gothic Statement of the Day” goes to:

I used to live next door to InsaneWoman, whose house looked very much like this. Except you could tell from the outside that it was a shithole. Broken windows held together with sticky tape. A broken front door that wouldn’t close. She used a mattress jammed in the front doorway to stop rain getting in. Three dead washing machines in the back yard. A garage stuffed full of overflowing cardboard boxes. A collection of feral cats. A swimming pool that was home to a duck and approximately 38 million mosquitoes. And let’s not forget the enormous family of live-in mice! I could go on, but I think you get the idea. The horror!

She finally moved out. Got bought out by her ex-husband and their son. They’re doing the place up now and it looks like a million bucks. Puts my house to shame!


I didn’t know you had rednecks in Australia!

How sad. My paternal grandfather was like this. When I helped clean out the house after his death, I found all sorts of weird stuff. Weirdest though were the packets of hot sauce from Taco Bell crammed into old Gerber babyfood jars. I guess he was saving it for something (nevermind that he ate most of his meals at the Senior Center, where he volunteered much of his time). He had countless containers (usually the aforementioned babyfood jars) stuffed with nuts, bolts, washers, etc. in the garage.

I notice in these pics though that it is cluttered, yes. But very neatly arranged clutter.

I’m just glad my Grandpa never discovered Ebay.

Oh god. This brings back memories of cleaning out my paternal grandfather’s house when he moved into a home, and then his apartment in the home when he died…It’s always so sad to see.

Almost identical, only in his case stuff was stacked without the “benefit” of boxes, and he didn’t keep his parakeets caged. (Trying to scrub birdshit off wooden kitchen cabinets is all sorts of fun, let me tell you.) He also tended to collect stuff like empty 2-liter soda bottles, which he claimed he apparently was going to recycle for money or something…

Where did she get the money to buy all this stuff?

I must be a truly horrible person. I laughed. This woman obviously has a major problem but I couldn’t help myself.

I might even bookmark that link, just so I can look at it from time to time, just when I feel I need to keep my packrattery in check.

Would I be revealing something terrible about myself If I say, “Well at least she keeps the place clean!” ? I mean, look at the photo of the bathroom. I was expecting that she’d have let mould grow up the walls.

It can’t be clean. It would be impossible to clean around all that junk.

I feel… SO much better about my own house and about my mild collecting tendencies.