Yay I Got The East Coast Meteor on My Dash Cam!

I was shooting HS Lacross tonight for my station. On my way home later on my desk called asking if I had seen anything. I hadn’t, but when I got home I checked my dashcam, and sure enough there it was…

Last I heard the station was uplinking it to CNN & CBS. If you see parking lot video with several cars parked in front of my truck and a series of parking lot lights on the right it’s mine.

I’ll get a link to the video online as soon as I find one…


Too bad they didn’t use the zoomed in shot…


But I have to wonder. Another meteor? I think someone’s gunnin’ for us…

I saw it, too! I was driving, so I didn’t get a good look, but definitely noticed it zooming by. Very cool that you got it on tape!

Very cool to have captured it!

Oh come on… That’s totally fake!

[Sup]Sorry, I thought this was the YouTube comments section.[/sup]

Seriously, totally cool. Thanks for sharing.


(We’re all gonna die.)

Nice catch, 2gigch1. Thanks for posting it.

Way cool! Do you get any royalties when they show your video?

Very cool, tugig! I didn’t know you were Russian… :wink:

That is really something! I second the “thanks for sharing!” sentiment.

No, but I did add an hour or two of being on the clock the way it went down. I had been assigned to shoot high school sports, which I do almost every Friday night. This week it was girls lacrosse at a high school in Manassas VA.

After finishing the shoot and heading home, I got a call from Kevin our desk guy asking me if I had seen anything. I said no, but after I hung up I remembered my dash cam was on and the truck was parked facing North. So when I got home i pulled out my newly issued Edius editing computer, imported the video from the memory cars and started surfing.

I was shocked when I stumbled on it how obvious it was. I was expecting something a lot harder to see on tape. I chopped a sequence with the raw video, a zoomed in shot and a much tighter shot tracking the meteor and FTP’d it to the station.

After March Madness basketball they opened with the video and I enjoyed listening to the weatherman butcher my name on air. All good fun!

Is that what I saw?

I was driving west in Manchester, NH on a highway that crosses the approach for the airport. At first I thought it was a plane coming in, then it flared up with a green color as it streaked across the sky, then faded away.

It was really quite bright and the sky wasn’t yet fully dark (about 7:50 pm and I could still see clouds). It really looked like it was at a plane approach elevation (the airport was maybe a few miles away).

Anyway, a cool sight.

Did he butcher *both *syllables?? :stuck_out_tongue:

Neat vid! I read about the meteor this morning on Gawker.com. Your video is the first one embedded in the article: http://m.gawker.com/5992054/meteor-streaks-across-east-coast

That was amazingly clear and good quality dash cam footage. What make/model is your dash cam?

I seem to remember other threads where you have gotten excellent impromptu footage of things, always fun reads! :stuck_out_tongue:

Why didn’t you park closer to the meteor? :smiley:
Seriously, good on ya for keeping it running full time.
Now go park at Tilted Kilt and keep us informed!

too cool

This si very interesting. On the way in to school on Friday (about 8:40am?) Celtling said she saw “shooting stars with tails!! Is it a comet Mommy?” but I couldn’t turn around quickly enough since we were in motion. Were there any reported earlier in the day?

I can’t get the videos to play. :frowning:

I’ve only seen that vid (good one btw!) and a few pictures, but I was wondering… why does it not have a tail? Is it a non-tail species of meteor? Obviously I don’t know anything about meteors… :confused:

Though I do know they don’t come in species, but it’s funny because of tails…oh never mind…

I actually have 2 cameras up there now, my old trust hacked job and the new one which got this video.

It’s the:

2.0 inch LTPS 720P HD Car DVR Black Box with Separate Rearview Camera/Sticker Mount/Night Vision/SOS Protection/G-Sensor from alldaymall.com

It’s a little quirky, it doesn’t endlessly record so I have to reformat the memory every 6 hours or so. But for accidents and stuff like this it’s worth it.

Re FCM Just the last name. I am now known as Mr. Bricks.