Yay! I'm moving...now if I could change my new street's name

I am about to move…from an apartment to a house. :slight_smile: But, being the type that will find a gnat in any jar of ointment…or I’ll cut off my nose to spite my face - and all those other * mots chiches * - my enthusiasm is dampened.

My new abode is an a subdivision where the contractors - being whimsical fellows I’m sure - named the streets after Ancient Greek themes. So my new address, which would stirr fond memories of Chapman’s Homer in the more erudite of us, will be more associated with a popular brand of male contraceptives among the less polished masses.

Now I can take a little ribbing (no pun intended) over this from time to time - but I hate to think I’ll have to put up with snickers over my address for the next 20 to 30 years. And to add to the ridicule, the nearest intersection is with “Aphrodite Street”.


Moving onto Trojan Avenue, huh?

It could probably be worse. I dealt with a customer recently whose street name was “Hurlbutt”.

I’m not sure whether to hope that’s a person’s name or not…

Heh. That’s horrible. Congrats on the move though!

PS. On I-75 north of Detroit you would run across one Exit #69. The name of the road? Big Beaver.

I kid you not.

      • There’s a Roachtown Road in my area. - DougC

Trojan Trail has a nice sound to it.

You live near where this baboon went to Jr High.
Say hi to the building next time you see it.
I hope it remembers me fondly.

I went to school with a boy whose last name was Hurlbutt, so I’m afraid it is a real name, scout1222.

I’d rather live on Trojan Blvd. than on any street named after Satan, as are many around here. Del Diablo and Satanas, to name two. Even leaving any religious implications aside, I think it’s creepy.

I forgot to say congratulations on your new house, cuate!

There’s a street in southern Virginia that has a name I love. I told my husband I thought we should build a house there if we ever moved to Virginia (his home state). It is Hog Wallow Trail.

If your neighbors feel the same way, and you live in a small city or a gated community, there’s a pretty good chance you can get the name changed.

If street the property of the development, you’ll have to go through the owner’s Association. Selecting an alternate name that fits the theme would be a BIG help.

Otherwise you’ll need to go to the city with a petition.

These groups both tend to be fairly conservative about such things and I would guess you wouldm’t have all that much difficulty, especially if as a group you can put up a few hundred bucks to replace the signage.

If you try such a thing, make sure to notify ALL the neighbors on the street, and don’t push it if there’s resistance from them.

So to look on the bright side, that’s great moving into a house! Hope you enjoy it!

(Can you, uhh, mail me a postcard? :wink: )

Can I call you ** Trojan Man** now?

In my town there’s a street called Reddick. At least it’s one word.