Yay! Invasive Surgery!

I’ve been in pain for awhile. I’ve always just put it off to PMS cramps, or perhaps just some random pain from lifting or sleeping funny, or shovelling the walk. Last week, I had to go for an ultrasound, due to the supposed kidney infection that I had mid-October. Thursday, I got a voice mail message from my doctor telling me to call his office right away. I did, of course, thinking there was something wrong. When I didn’t get a return call, I stopped worrying.

This morning, I had a call from the doctor. I have to get my gall-bladder out. I’ve got enough gall stones in there for a little quarry. Maybe I can build a retaining wall for the back garden. I have decided not to be pissed at the doctor for waiting a week before giving me this information, it’s not my regular doctor anyway.

I’ve only lived in this town for six months. I don’t really have anyone to take care of my kid for the few days I’ll be down for the count. One of my cow-orkers loves my boy, though, and will keep him for me while I have to be in the hospital. I am worried, though. Any time you are put under, any number of things can go wrong, and it’s only me. My son’s father and I do not communicate, and he is not a fit parent were anything to happen; my parents are far away, my sisters and brothers too. The best solution here is to wait until my parents have come to visit for Christmas - but I really don’t want to wait that long.

So. Who’s gonna come be my houseboy? Or housegirl. I’m not fussy.

Would love to, but can’t:( I’ll send you good vibes and chocolate (or whatever it is you’re supposed to have that’s just || this size of wicked).

Good luck:)

How about an early Chrhistmas visit by your folks?

Do you just need someone to hang out with you for a day after the surgery? Or a few days in a row? I could easily pop up there and get your groceries and do a little cooking for you if that’s all you need. I’d need some notice to arrange a day off unless of course it’s a weekend which is probably just wishfull thinking. I’m in Calgary by the way and was just too damn shy to do the dopefest. A doper recovering from surgery is different though. Let me know the extent of care you will need and I’ll see what I can do.

Please accept my best wishes and warmest thoughts.

I hope the surgery is a complete success, your recovery rapid, and your nurse male, about 6’2", single, with devastating blue eyes, and hands the warmth of which is matched only by his heart.

I’d love to help, but I’m too far away :frowning:

Unless the Gingersnap wouldn’t mind being shipped to Québec for a little while ?
BTW, does it have to be invasive surgery ? I thought that the preferred method to get rid of stones was with ultrasounds ?

Anyway, good luck, get well soon and hoping for a speedy recovery.

Gut, detop, thanks for the offers. I think we’ll be ok here, though. I may call if needed! The boy doesn’t speak much french yet, detop, so maybe shipping him there isn’t a good idea.

Muffin, my parents live in Yellowknife, and the flight cost from there to Calgary is prohibitively expensive; plus the fact that my dad runs his own business and has booked up until the 20th of December.

I have yet to speak to the surgeon, but a woman I work with has had it done. Apparently they cut into your abdomen and do it through a very small incision.

Since the pain I am experiencing is in my back on the right side, I have to wonder how this works. Where’s Qadgop, MD?

Rats! Sure wish I lived in Calgary. I’d bring you flowers and chocolate, and Cranky Cathy would look after your son.

It’ll be okay, Ginger. It’s a routine operation and all that’s going to happen is that you’ll feel better.

Please keep us informed, because we all love ya.

Hey, I already volunteered to watch the buglet, just lemmie know.

You know, just because 80 % of the population here is francophone, it doesn’t mean that we don’t have English available here. We have English resources here : 3 TV stations in Mtl, I don’t remember how many radio stations, 1 daily newspaper, at least 2 alternative weekly papers, my roomie is anglo, I’m bilingual, so language shouldn’t be a problem.

I’m glad it sounds like a routine operation and the incision will be small. Let me know if you need a grocery courier though.

Ginger: I’ll have a colonoscopy in a couple of weeks. I don’t know which one of us is/will be in worse shape…:smiley: What is it they say? Short term pain for long term pain?


that should be long term gain.

(but maybe there’s more truth in the first assertion)

detop, you numpty. You know I was kidding. You’ve heard me speak French. Just badly.

Thank you, but not, omni-not. Have fun with that, though. At least there won’t be any incisions. No scars to deal with - will you be awake for it?

Weirddave, you’re nuts. I don’t think you’d wanna come up for babysitting.

Hey Ginger…I had my gallbladder out yesterday. If you’re having it done laproscopic (sp?) which is what they did to me, it’s not that big a deal. You’ll have an incision in or below your belly button, one in the upper center of your abdomen, and two on the right side of your abdomen.

I’m hurting a bit, but the surgeon said that my gallbladder was “active with infection” (don’t know what that means) and that the walls of my gallbladder were thicker than he thought. All in all though, it hasn’t been that bad of an experience except for getting up from a lying position on the couch.

Good luck!

If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer any that I can.

I love the way that difficult circumstances bring our good folk out of the woodwork. Gives me hope for civilization. I haven’t been in Edmunton or thereabouts since 1972 but nonetheless, all the best, GOTN!

I had the laparoscopic procedure a year ago. I remember thinking it was more pain than I had expected, but it wasn’t
a continuous pain. Try to deep breathe regularly after the surgery (even though it hurts), you don’t want to get a repsiratory complication. My boyfriend is a natural wit (he is making me add that part) and let me tell you, it hurts worse when you laugh. So no joke telling for a day or so. Don’t stay in bed, you will feel weak and want to do absolutely nothing the first day, but you must get up and walk around the house or the yard. I hope it goes well,
I would suggest having it done sooner than later. There was a lot of scar tissue on my gall bladder, from all the inflammation - the doctor said it was on it’s way to becoming infected. In that case, they do the old “open” procedure with a large incision. More pain, more time to heal, you definitely don’t want that. Good luck!

No scars, just a bit of Roto-rooting:D!! I’m pretty sure I’ll be awake.

…until I faint!:slight_smile:

They’ve changed it to Edmonton since:D. Unless you’re thinking of Edmunston, but that’s not exactly in the neighborhood. LOL!