Yay! My scammers are back!

So I received this in my spam folder this morning:

I do have to commend them for being so polite about extortion. I had an (http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=771450) from them the other day, also. I think we’re beginning to be friends.

I started getting spammed again recently. Usually there are long spans of no spam…come to think of it…it started around the time I signed up in here…J/K! :stuck_out_tongue:

And they used fluent English with good grammar, too. That shows how much work they put into it. You should pay them for their efforts. :slight_smile:

Send them this.
“All your servers and websites will be going under attack unless you pay 10 Bitcoin.”
Only 10 bitcoins? Your mother charges 25 for an hour.

Indeed. They’re rank amateurs.

You left out their exemplary punctuation.

All your Bitcoin are belong to us?

I saw an article by someone whose computer was being held hostage by these scammers. The writer was trying to pay the ransom but was having trouble doing so. Surprisingly (or perhaps not so surprisingly) the people running the extortion had really good customer support, and they helped the writer with obtaining and transmitting the bitcoins.

“Only” 10 bitcoins? A bitcoin is currently worth about $250.

If you do a news search, there has been at least one police department that got hit by that, and decided to pay.

I’ve taken out the links in your OP, just in case someone clicks on them and they turn out to be malicious or something like that.

So are these guys utterly traceable or what?

Isn’t that a different scam? The OP’s email seems to be threatening a DDOS, and what you and the poster you were replying to seem to be talking about is a Cryptolocker type thing.

Damn, I came in just to say the same thing. :cool:

Was the customer support outsourced to another continent?

That was Microsoft, not unscrupulous scammers. Just try NOT installing [del]Windows[/del] bitcoin 10.