Yay, Stew season.

I love the first few weeks of real fall. Stew tastes 100 times better once the weather turns cold and dreary. I was caught a bit off guard by the sudden appearance of the weather this year, and had some other stuff to work through for a couple weeks, but finally I have a nice yummy Hunters stew stewing away in the crock pot.
Perfection in about 5 more hours.

I like to use all the venison in the freezer before a year has past. Part of what’s ground went into a really good vat of chili several weeks ago when the first cold snap arrived. Now it’s been long enough that we’re ready for more and… well will you look at that, another cold front is bearing down.

Totally agree. Cold Sunday afternoons with a stew simmering in the kitchen, a fire in the fireplace and a beer in my hand. That’s where it’s at.

Andouille and corn chowder this weekend.

I made the chicken ‘n’ dumplings recipe from the America’s Test Kitchen cookbook yesterday and it was to die for. One of the few things that everyone in the entire family totally loves and will eat multiple servings of.

I’m going to make elk stew tonight, but I’m short of time so I’m going to try to cook it in the pressure canner. Wish me luck that I don’t coat the kitchen in sticky brown goodness.

And its corollary, chicken pot pie season.

Stew season is a great excuse to clean out the freezer of odd bits of meat and hit the grocery for masses of root veggies. Any stew of mine usually has turnip, parsnip, rutabaga, carrot and potato, not to mention mushrooms.

I love stew.

I haven’t made stew in a number of years, but may have to revisit it soon. I always add a healthy slog of red wine to the mix.

Mmmm… stew. Cool weather is so much more tolerable when you’re indoors with a pot of stew bubbling away, a mug of hot tea, and the kitchen windows all steamed up from the heat.

I’m making a pumpkin and black bean chili this weekend. Possibly some beef pho, too, time permitting.

I made that this past weekend, although I use puff pastry to top them instead of pie dough. Thinking of trying it with curry.

And a good heavy chewy dense crusty hunk of peasanty bread. I got just the perfect piece of sourdough on the counter, but will it last long enough to join the stew? We’ll see… We will have to see.

Doooooo eet!

(Alton Brown’s recipe for curried chicken pot pie is really good, by the by… and it also happens to have a puff pastry crust)

why oh why to I think it’s a good idea to wind down at the end of the work day by reading food threads??? In order to keep from going insane I plan dinners ahead. I knew 3 days ago I’d be having broiled fish and cauliflower mash for dinner tonight. I work 'til six and have things lined up ready to go as soon as I get home…changing plans would mean we’d eat at 8:30. But golly, everything in this thread sounds like it would be better tonight than broiled fish and caulifower mash.

It’s rainy and cold here. Pumpkin and black bean chili sounds perfect! Tomorrow night’s plan is chicken and sweet potato stew. If it weren’t a slow cooker recipe I’d switch.

Ok…got several good sounding stews here but no recipes!!

Oh, it probably won’t last long enough. But some nice peasant bread really sets off a stew. And a pot of beans just demands cornbread to go with it.

I think that I’ll make potato and leek soup this weekend. This doesn’t usually require bread or rolls, but it does need a good crunchy salad to go with it.

I’ll make my Yankee-fied Brunswick Stew.

I had stew this week for the first time in over 20 years. It was great.

Recipes? Recipes? We don’t need no steenking recipes!

Not exactly stew, but I made loaded baked potato soup Wednesday night. Warms the hands and the tummy.

Last week one of the stores I shop at had veal cutlets on sale ($5.99/lb down from $10.99/lb), except that they were out of them when I got there, so I got a rain check. Today I went back and picked up two packages, each about two pounds. I’m thinking of making a batch of veal stew out of one package, and did a little only checking for recipe suggestions. Tomorrow I’ll be picking up a few things I want to add, like portabello mushrooms and some root vegetable (I’ll see what they have available). I figure I can freeze a couple of meal’s worth for the winter.