Yay! We got a medal! And it is gold!

NZ just got it’s first medal and it’s the good colour!

Happy dance! We were seriously in danger of coming home with no bling bling.

Thank you Ever-Swindell twins you rowed your little hearts out.

I care not a jot if anyone reads this or cares about this. Not even a teensy bit. I just had to say YAYYYYYYYYYYY. And because I like it here, this was where I had to say it. :slight_smile:

Well this is MPSIMS


:: joins in calm kiwi’s happy dance ::


Since is this your first NZ medal, how do you celebrate? Will there be beer and food? Music? Some theme park you can send the winning athletes too? Pictures on cereal boxes?

I think we all got a bit of happy dance Banquet Bear :slight_smile:

ivylass thank you kindly. The Ever-Swindell twins shall be hurrahed (is that a word?) up and down the country. Many times. They probably will make a cereal box, but I would be giving NZ a serious discredit if I gave the impresson that this was our first medal ever. We do all right for a teeny place. Just not very good in these Olympics.

We just got a world record in the cycling though.

Have I mentioned that I am an Olympics junky? Seriously it’s like crack to me. The rest of the time I hate sport.

Go Sarah Ulma!

It is 2:35am. I should stop watching the Olympics :slight_smile:

I probably won’t though.

Here is an article which summarizes some of New Zealand’s moments in the Olympic spotlight. Glad you have a gold to celebrate, calm kiwi. I’ve enjoyed seeing representatives of such countries as Zimbabwe, Georgia, and Eritrea earn the opportunity to mount the medals platform and be crowned with the laurel wreath. Of course, I’ve also thrilled to a few USA triumphs over the past week… :cool:

Ah, I misunderstood that it was your first medal. Still, it never gets old, does it?

Yahoooo!!! What food should I bring?

Pavlova of course! I’m sitting up tonight to see if our second medal will be gold or silver. Fingers crossed for Sarah Ulma. :slight_smile:

Okay, I don’t know what that is. Care to share a recipe?

You will love me for this :). I don’t even have a sweet tooth but Pavlova is Yummmmmmmm http://www.just-recipes.net/best_ever_new_zealand_pavlova.htm

Best topped with cram and either strawbwerries or kiwifruit (just remember kiwifruit NOT kiwis :wink: )

Of course “cram” is cream :slight_smile:

We just got our second medal and it is gold too! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

Congratulations, calm kiwi! and New Zealand!


I’m a 'limpic junkie too. Just without a TV at the moment. I would have loved to have seen Sarah break the record. Seriously cool.

Nailbiting stuff it was!

Thank you smartini :slight_smile:

I am tired of this! In the last few of your posts I have read you have been far from calm Calm Kiwi. Such deception is not welcome on the SDMB. I suggest that your name immediately be changed to *Moderately Stable Kiwi.

Now why didn’t I think of that.

Great news, calm kiwi. We are finally able to watch something, due to actually working TVs. I love the Olympics, and like you, the rest of the time, sports are not on my radar screen.

It’s amazing how it works like that. I seriously go out of my way to avoid sport usually and then the Olympics start and all of a sudden I can’t get enough of sport.

I like the podium moments best though. I love seeing athletes having their “best ever moment”. I get all weepy and girly. :slight_smile:

Oh and Muad’Dib was their an implied smiley in your post or did you see me get myself in a lather in the pit?

I am in complete agreement. I want to watch the whole Olympics, and I can’t even sit through one whole baseball game ordinarily.