Ish, ian etc. New Zealand has no "way"

The Olympics are starting in a few hours. We shall all strap on our patriotic selves. I love the Olympics. I am one of those wussy types who get all teary at the podium moments.

I have one small bother though.

If you are from America and you do something good, people can say that is the American way.

If you come from France they will say “oh that is the french way of doing things”

If you are from Britain…well then you can choose. It can be the British way, the English, the Scots way, the Welsh way or the Irish way.

If you come from the Netherlands, you can take pride in your Dutch way of doing things.

There is is Indian, Icelandic, Finnish etc

New Zealand has no way! You can’t take the New Zealanderish way or the New Zealandarian way or even the New Zealandch way.

Are we the only country without a way? I could take the Australian way, the South Afrifican way, the Swiss way, the Bangladeshi way, the Tongan way etc etc

But we have no way. Is New Zealand alone?

The New Zealand way just sounds dumb. Surely someone else out there who sounds dumb too.

other then me obviously. But it does bug me!

The Kiwi way?

Hong Kong has the same “problem”

“The right way”?

Nah. Gotta be “The wrong way”.


Well maybe that is why we use it so much! Sounds much better the New Zealanderishian.

I don’t see what’s wrong with the New Zealand Way, or the Kiwi Way for that matter.

Of course, we all know that the Kiwi eats, roots and leaves. That is their way:)

The Kiwi way is always best of course, I just think we were cheated of a “way”. We so need to change our flag.

Nout wrong with rooting and leaving either. :smiley:

OMG I’m so, so sorry, Calm Kiwi, I meant of course that the Kiwis eats roots and leaves.

Damn comma, just slipped in there somehow :smiley:

Some of us root and leave and didn’t take offence at the comma :smiley:

Hong Kong and New Zealand shall be proudly way-less. :slight_smile:

Others that are a bit iffy:

Barbados (Barbadoan?)
Brunei (Bruninnian?)
Burkina Faso (Burkina Fasoan?)
Chad (Chadian?)
Côte d’Ivoire (?)
Denmark (Denmarkian)
Netherlands (Dutch?)
Niger & Nigeria (Are they both Nigerian?)
Qatar (Qatarian?)
Solomon Islands (Solomon islandian?)
United Arab Emirates (UAEan?)
United Kingdom (?)
Vatican City (?)

You seem to be asking about the New Zealand demonym - you know, people from Canada are Canadians and so forth. Aren’t people from New Zealand “New Zealanders”? Wouldn’t it, therefore, be the New Zealander Way?

The Kiway! :cool:

The word you’re looking for is Danish. You know like those things you eat with your coffee.


New Zealand? Gotta be Sheepish :smiley:

Very useful page I found … links below:

noun: Chadian(s)
adjective: Chadian

noun: Bruneian(s)
adjective: Bruneian

noun: Burkinabe (singular and plural)
adjective: Burkinabe

noun: Nigerien(s)
adjective: Nigerien

noun: Emirati(s)
adjective: Emirati

noun: Solomon Islander(s)
adjective: Solomon Islander

noun: Barbadian(s) or Bajan (colloquial)
adjective: Barbadian or Bajan (colloquial)

and finally:

noun: New Zealander(s)
adjective: New Zealand

This goes back to “what’s the adjectival form?”, which I’m sure has come up before. In particular, one year I lived with two other guys with my first name and in the same department. I was American, another was British, and the last was – what?

Ultimately, he said that back in NZ they’d usually use “kiwi” in that place.

Your right to have a way was revoked when you started putting beets on burgers. If you stop that abominable practice then we can talk.

Australians also put beetroot on their hamburgers – do they have no Austraian way?