Ye' ever read people who add extra o's and u's to words?

For example, donuts become doughnoughts (or doughnaughts) and humorous becomes: huomourous.

LOL. A jolly good laugh had by all!

Hmm, I will come back to this once I’m done standing in this queueue.

You mean non-American English speakers?

All them furriners are so weird, huh?

They should be beaten with aluminum bats.

Not really. Some people might use doughnut or humourous but nobody uses doughnoughts or huomourous.

I seem to remember a famous politician who added an extra E to a word.

I find the OP’s ignourance kinda distourbing.

English, bitch. The clue’s in the name - the way we spell it is the right way. Extra "u"s and everything. :wink:

I was going to post a whole bunch of words with extra u’s and o’s in them, bt I rn t f them befre I had a chance!

You offend my honour, sir!

And that’s why you lost the Empire: too much time wasted writing all those extra vowels.

I’m an American working for a Canadian company. My co-workers insist there is a u in color, and that the last letter of the alphabet is “Zed.”

So…yeah. I know people like that.

Do they just give you a blank look if you tell a “Kneel before Zed!” joke?

Can’t say that I have.

I am almst always taking precatins nt t se thse letters.

I’ve seen extra 'a’s after 'o’s. ‘Post’ becomes ‘poast’ and ‘wolf’ becomes ‘woalf’.

I think the English stole their vowels from the Welsh, which is why they have so few.

Hey, just because someone speaks English as a foreign language, doesn’t automatically mean they shoe horses for a living.

In the East Block countries, vowels were seen as a bourgeois luxury, so they had very few to work with…

Yeah, but when we finally do use your words, like soccer, you get all huffy and claim that you’re not using that one anymore.