Yeah, this marriage will end well.

The child bride and her gown.

16 and 17 year olds marrying? In such a posh ceremony?
That dress is hideous.

From the article:


I don’t even have one Swarovski crystal. :frowning:

Says she spent 9 1/2 hours getting into it. And she’s 16. Spoiled little princess is what I say.

She’s in a category all by herself. Who plans a wedding based on the criteria “It has to be bigger than Jordan’s.” She’ll be the type that every time a furniture van pulls up at the neighbours, she’ll want 2.

Who’s Jordan?

A model, according to the article.

Michael…?? :confused:

Google Katie Price.

This girl may have a bigger wedding than Jordan, but I bet Jordan’s boobs cost as much as that dress :wink:

Just think what it will weigh after Mr. 16 yr. old covers it in Man-goo.

I’m wondering what their families do. I mean, how else could a 16 and 17 year old afford that dress?

My only question is why on earth didn’t someone tell the groom to run while he could? Or maybe they did and he didn’t listen? Speaking as a former nerdy, lonely girl, no woman on earth is worth getting himself in for that. Nerdy types are much lower maintentance!

Paper route?
Girl scout cookies?
Facillitating man-goo?

That’s a good point. She couldn’t run very fast in a (400?) pound dress.

Forget the dress being ugly. The bride is ugly.

Who the hell would sit through 1 and 1/2 hours of the bride “walking” down the aisle? It’s torture enough sitting through a 1/2 hour ceremony. Of course they were probably trapped by the gown and couldn’t escape. It just looks like a big wad of tulle, like there was an explosion in a wedding gown factory.

Anyone who has to have a wedding that’s bigger than some celebrity’s sounds to me like someone not mature enough to be getting married.

Not necessarily. My Hubby frequently says he wishes I wanted jewelry and furs-- it’d be cheaper than keeping me in books. :smiley:

My husband says the same thing about me and hockey jerseys. :slight_smile:

Wonder what she’ll wear for her second wedding?

I wonder if her marriage at such a young age was because Mom & Dad were happy to foist her off on the groom.

Yeah, Dad probably thought, “25K? Hell, if it means I don’t have to maintain that spoiled little bitch anymore, I’ll break even on the dress in six months!!”

It’s the fact that it took nine and a half hours to put the dress on that intrigues me so. I have sent an e-mail to my best friend telling her that if dressing for my wedding takes longer than the ceremony and reception together are expected to take, I will happily forfeit my life, and even hand her the gun.