Year Ago Today Bush Re-Elected: Happy Now Assholes?

Nah, by that time he’ll have been named president for life. We won’t have to go through these messy ugly elections anymore. :wink:

Forgot about that one. And it was vote fraud in Ohio last year too, so I guess it is year zero.

I will do my best to live up to your expectations.


Understandably so, given your judicial philosophy. But how do you feel about Iraq? The ballooning deficit? The abysmal performance of FEMA and what it implies for our security?

I don’t expect you to throw Bush aside if you feel he’s fulfilling at least some of the promises you believe he made to you. How do you rate his performance in these other areas?

He’ll probably do that by declaring martial law and indefinately suspending the elections, just like Clinton was going to do way back in 1999, at least according to my American Dad-like republican father.

And pissing off the idiots. And grinding in the faces of the poor.

OK - among our chief delights are such diverse elements as power, moolah, grinding in the faces of the poor, and golf.

I’ll come in again.


Same here. I thought of him as a stupid, spoiled, cowardly, spineless, gutless, backbiting, lying, traitorous, corrupt, selfish, arrogant, incompetent bastard back then. I still think of him that way. :wink:

Post saved, for the next time some idiots talks about how liberals are happy that the US is losing the war.


In brief…

Iraq: I’m not happy about Iraq. I think the failure of intelligence with regard to chemical/biological weapons was abysmal. However, given that those failures created a situation in which we thought there were such weapons there, it was reasonable to invade. And having invaded, we can’t just drop our guns and leave now. A mistake got us into this, but we’ve got no reasonable choice now but to exit in a fahsion that won’t leave the country’s new government teetering shakily.

Deficit: very unhappy. Again, some of these expenditures are understandable - in a war, and for natural disasters, it’s expected to run a deficit. But then we’ve got the Medicare prescription benefit, we’ve got the avian bird flu spending… this isn’t moving in the right direction.

FEMA: I think the proper steps were taken to replace an incompetent official at the helm of FEMA, and FEMA’s subsequent responses have been good. I also think much of the blame for Katrina response belongs to Nagin and Blanco, not the feds.

Perhaps we should send you instead. At least no one would whine about it.

And that’s supposed to be a good thing? Our deficit was still $318.62 billion–and this just a few years after we were running surplusses. This is like being happy you lost 20 yards on a play rather than 30. Moreover, even if you do consider this to be “good” news, it’s probably only temporary since the deficit will likely increase next year due to (among other things) the costs related to Katrina. But the rich get to pay less taxes and that’s what’s really important.

Which is all the more reason why I still regret last year’s electoral outcome. I knew when you people won that you’d become even more insufferable than you were during the previous four years.

I think of them as fools, monsters and vermin, not assholes.

Well OK, some * are* assholes.

And those are his good qualities.

I don’t buy the “we thought there were weapons” excuse anymore. American agents broke into the Niger embassy in Rome with the purpose of planting forgeries that could be used to give the appearance that Saddam was building a nuclear arsenal. The reason that the administration’s retribution against Wilson was so vicious was that they did not want this story pursued any further. The plain truth is that the administration lied with malice and lied deliberately and then sought to destroy anyone that dared question them.

I don’t have a problem with the deficit coming in much smaller than predicted. I do have a problem with there being record deficits on the heels of the Clintonian surpluses. The Pubbies shouldn’t point to these numbers as proof of their fitness to govern.

Besides the criminal misconduct that started the war and the fiscal irresponsibility, you have a man that has brought the US to the level of a torturing third world nation. He is a war criminal just as much as any tin horn dictator elsewhere in the world.

The man belongs in prison, not in the White House.

Yes, I’m very happy, thank you very much. Next?

Year Ago Today Kerry Defeated. Happy Now Oh Wise Ones?


You are too easily amused. Becoming unhinged over greed, corruption, incompetence, stupidity, and lies from our government at the highest level is a very human reaction. Patriotic, I would say.

The real humor (in a sick and twisted way) is watching those who still support this government twist logic and reason into a pretzel to support their beliefs.

Well, yeah, a hundred billion drop is a good thing.

See - the trends are positive!



IF it had been an ‘actual drop’, maybe. But it was a “we didn’t loose quite as much as we predicted”. from your post here, we could guarentee Shodan would be a happy camper by simply taking the projected deficit and doubling it before the number’s released. See, we reduced the additional deficit by 100% - isn’t that grand?

I assume your outrage over the leaking of this classified information which directly affects national security will equal your outrage over the outing of a CIA employee?

see- I don’t get this at all.

the actual torture isn’t wrong.

it’s the damned press telling everyone we did.

guess what asshole -the torture itself is wrong.

let me ask you this - If you knew that another country had snatched one of our citizens up, flown them to someplace, to hold them and torture them, never allowing anyone to even know you had them, with out charges, without representation, w/o any oversite at all - you would have no problem with that?

'cause I gotta tell you right now, I could make a damned good case for Rumsefeld, Bush, Rice et al being “Dangerous to the national security” of other nations, which by this logic would allow them the right to do all of the above.