Year Ago Today Bush Re-Elected: Happy Now Assholes?

Dubya has proven to be even worse than his strongest detractors predicted.

Over 2000 soldiers have died in a war based on blatant lies.
Incompetent cronies have been placed in positions that are endangering our lives.
The deficit is quickly growing beyond repair and, with White House encouragement, oil companies are gouging us and reaping record profits.
The Supreme Court is soon going to make Pat Robertson look like screaming liberal.

And this is only after year one.

Amen, Brother!

Subtitled: Remember the Reagan campaign slogan ‘It’s Mourning in America’

Year five, for those of us who can actually count.

And for the same group, the 2004 deficit was $109 billion lower than projections.
The part about oil gouging is merely paranoid foolishness on your part.

As for the rest - neener neener neener.


The fact that you could look at those bloated floating dead bodies and say “neener neener neener” is one of the more disgusting things I’ve ever read. But not the most…and who knows, you have three more years to top yourself, asshole.

Nice response to 2000 dead American soldiers. Try that to the parents of one, and let us know how that works out.

That is like Sampson saying: “Let me die with the Philistines!” In Latin American countries it is a saying applied to people that doesn’t care if their leader will destroy themselves and the power they have.

Ever notice how the extreme right guys don’t care to have an incompetent in power as long as it is their incompetent?

However, I can picture Shodan as Homer Simpson in his last post.

Yes, I’m quite happy with everything. Of course your four “facts” that you listed in your post are all things I scoff at or disagree with, if they were all true then maybe I wouldn’t be so happy.

Also, I’m glad you’ve resorted to calling half of America assholes. I guess if you don’t vote for Democrats then you MUST be an asshole, you know, screw the concept of being able to disagree on political issues in a civil manner.

Hey, Bush ran primarily on the promise that he could keep this country safe from a terrorist attack better than Kerry. And I think the response to Hurricane Rita shows that he is in fact prepared.

Just as long as the terrorists give us a few days warning and one practice attack.

Wow, the bitter little lug who started this thread is an idiot. What fat slag squeezed you out?

Verily, I dance upon the graves of the war dead; I doth titter at the floating bodies in New Orleans- for I have my tax cut, and what more should I care?

-John “Voted for Bush in '04, and would vote for him in '05 if the Dems re-nominated Kerry” Corrado

I’m thrilled. Seeing liberals become more and more unhinged every day is a constant source of comedy.

Yep, very funny what they are saying, remember how hilarious it was when that silly senator had to take back the gulag comment regarding the imprisonment of our foes? How silly…

… Well, never mind.

He’s the same Bush now as he was in 2004. Nothing has really happened to make me change my opinion of him. (Although I’m not one of the ones who voted for him in '04.)

No, it really is only year one. He didn’t win the 2000 election, remember?

Anyone who complains about their kid being dead from this war is an unpatriotic whiner and a terrorist sympathizer.

Yeah, that’s pretty much it. If we liberals expect to have any hope in hell of winning an election, we need to remember that, to most Republicans, “it’s all about me.” And adjust accordingly. It isn’t about the future you leave your kids. It isn’t about the civil liberties we were born with getting ripped away from us. It’s all about the moolah, baby. Well. That and power. Nothing else really matters.

I’m certainly pleased about the Supreme Court thing.

So he can run again in 2008 then?