Year Of No Light

I discovered this band last night while checking out some prog on You Tube. I kind of liked it, although I’m sure glad I don’t have a kid who listens to this all day long.


It’s an instrumental French sextet with 3 guitarists and 2 drummers.

At first, I thought the band was called “Persephone” and the song’s title was “Year Of No Light”.

Year of No Light totally fucking rocks.

I think their name is cool, too.

I do too but I think it would be cooler if the “o” was capitalized. For some reason, in titles and names, I think all words should be capitalized. I know that isn’t the accepted rule, but I like it better that way.

Check out their Lastfm similar artists page. You will probably find some other stuff you like, although some of it is kind of screamy.


Rosetta - Départe

Mono - Lost Snow

*shels - Journey to the Plains

Living in the American Midwest, I’m starting to think that I know where this band’s name came from.