Yellow Urine in healthy non medicated male

From memory, during childhood I recall having passed dark yellow urine when suffering from fever etc.

Now as an adult if passing light yellowish urine, regularly, would it indicate

Poor kidney function

Poor hydration or

Excellent kidney function to remove undesirables from the blood.

Medications and foods can also affect the color.

Urine is normally pale to light yellow. If it’s darker than that, you’re under-hydrated. If it’s clear, you’re overhydrated.

It suggests a medical condition if the urine is a color other than yellow, or has a strange odor, or a strange consistency, or contains any solids or moving objects.


Vitamin B supplements (or multivitamins that contain the B complex, I assume) will turn urine a strong gold color.

Is being “over-hydrated” a medical condition (at least one that you should be concerned about)? If I notice any color at all in my urine, I always go drink a big glass of water. I like to pee clear. (Still another advantage of being male: the ease with which one can check out their urine color.)

Not a doctor, but I wouldn’t worry about over-hydration unless you’re guzzling water within a very short period of time (i.e. something like a gallon in an hour). I am generally never concerned when my urine is light and more concerned when it’s darker. If it’s dark, cloudy, and smelly, that’s a sign that you may have a bacterial infection or some other condition that requires medical attention.

As was posted earlier, what you eat can also change the color of urine. The amount of water you’ve lost, any meds you take, and frequency of urination can change the color as well.

There’s no advantage to it. You’re making your kidneys work more than they need to in order to filter the excess fluid out of you. Yellow is the normal state.

Also, do you think females can’t see their urine as it comes out?

for some people if you eat asparagus your urine will smell really different. It happens to me.

If you’re concerned about kidney function, you could initially try drinking more fluids (water) and a diet with more vegetables and low salt content. Don’t just look at the color of urine but also the output and frequency. If you’re drinking 2-3 liters of water a day but not producing a lot of urine, you’d definitely at least want to consider getting that checked out.

Since this involves medical advice, let’s move it to IMHO.

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I’m trying to imagine the contortions involved in seeing the urine come out when you’re sitting.

I’m a woman, and I can’t.

But I’ve always heard that the paler the color, the better, since you’re well hydrated.

There’s only a risk if you really, really overdo it (medical conditions called hyponatremia and hypokalemia). Like, gallons of water in a 24-hour period. A woman died this way trying to win a contest for a radio station.

Otherwise, if you like clear pee and making unnecessary bathroom trips, knock yourself out.

What in the name of hell turns pee BLUE? A disease? Some medications or supplements? Impending death?

I know what happens to poop after you consume a lot of blue food dye … is there a way for dye to be metabolized into the bladder instead of digestive tract?

Some kinds of poisoning, maybe? I read a memoir by a guy who escaped from North Korea, and he wrote about eating all sorts of not-normally-edible plants during the famine, some of which caused their urine to turn blue.

Supposedly, King George III was noted to have blue urine, but he had also recently started taking extract of gentian, which may have been responsible. Some believe that it signaled porphyria.

Speaking of Korea, MASH had an episode where the docs wanted to take an officer out of action because he lost a of men by being dumb. They gave him a drug that made his urine blue . Don’t recall the drug name.

I recall the episode where they took out another unit’s “ringer” in a bowling match that way - the dye/drug was methylene blue. I’m not sure that was what they did in the other episode, which sounds like “The General Flipped at Dawn.”

Sometimes the urine will become much darker, with the color of something like maple syrup. This is common when there is jaundice (high levels of bilirubin in the blood due to liver disease). When this happens in conjunction with a lightening (or even whitening) of the stool, it indicates a blockage in or around the liver.

Not really relevant in a thread about urine color changes, but I’ll add that people can actually pass gas in their urine. Basically, they fart through the urethra (the peeing tube). This can happen when there is a fistula (a connection) between the bowel and the urinary system. It’s not all that rare and is surprisingly well-tolerated (physically). A bit more info in this post if you’re interested.