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Which should I be cheering for when using the potty? Should I be hoping to see yellow or clear pee when I leak the lizard?

I have heard that yellow urine means that you are dehydrated and need to drink more liquids. Any truth to this?

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I can’t speak for humans, but if an animal pees clear, like water, that is bad. If the pee is very dark, well, that can be bad too. Healthy animal urine should be a sort of medium yellow, clear (as in you should not see a lot of stuff floating in it), and there should not be a strong smell to it. I don’t think human’s urine should be any different. :slight_smile:

Sure it’s true, to a certain degree. The color (and smell) come from the wastes that are being excreted. The lighter the color, the greater the ratio of water to nasty stuff.

Is it a good thing? Usually. But if you ever have to take a hospital-grade diuretic, you basically get plain water. And it’s a big pain in the . . .

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I heard Dr. Dean talking about that very subject today on the radio.
Michelle pretty much nailed what he said dead on.

Find out on channel 9 news at 10…

Yes,I think it’s supposed to be as light yellow as possible,unless you eat asparagus,then it should be light green! As for your lizard, some folks should say catepillar. :wink:

When I first took a mega-vitamin pill, my urine came out a brilliant yellow. Had I not been peeing, it wouldn’ve been scared out of me.

My roommate pointed out that the pill had many times the USRDA of Vitamin A, which caused BPS (brilliant pee syndrome). My question: Why do these pills have such mega amounts? Isn’t 100% good enough? Or are they saying the gov’t RDA isn’t what it should be?

What does it mean when your pee glows in the dark? Because, uh, that happened to me once…

This is taken from the textbook “Urinalysis and Body Fluids” Edition 3 by Susan King Strasinger, D.A., M.T. (A.S.C.P.), published by F.A. Davis Company, Philadelphia, in 1989.

Normal urine gets its color from a pigment called urochrome that is secreted from the body at a constant rate (amount depends on individual metabolism). Because the rate does not change, the intensity in color of the urine can be used for a rough estimate of urine concentration. Very intense yellow color indicates concentrated urine (less water) and very pale or colorless urine is diluted (lots of water). You may notice that your first piss of the day is very yellow, while later pisses are much lighter. This is because your kidneys have been busily excreting all that stuff they usually excrete while you’ve been sleeping and not pissing, so that stuff has built up in your urine (including urochrome), so the first-piss urine is concentrated. While awake you piss regularly, so this concentration doesn’t occur and the urine is diluted and therefore lighter in color. Some urinalyses actually require first-piss samples for accuracy.

Abnormally concentrated or diluted urine can be a sign of a variety of problems, including kidney disease and diabetes insipidus (not the kind that requires insulin).

A dark yellow urine that produces a yellowish foam when shaken may indicate liver problems (normal foam is white). Bright or dark yellow or yellowish-orange urine may also be caused by certain drugs or by eating lots and lots of carrots.

Red or pink urine may be caused by the presence of red blood cells, hemoglobin, myoglobin, or porphyrins. This may also be caused by certain drugs, or, in genetically susceptible persons, by eating beets!

Green or blue-green urine can indicate a Pseudomonas infection, can be caused by certain drugs, or by eating Clorets.

Brown or black urine may be seen in specimens that are left standing for some time if the sample contains red blood cells, denatured hemoglobin, or melanin. Also seen in a condition called alkaptonuria, which basically means ‘alkaline urine’. And, of course, certain drugs can causse the urine to darken after standing.

“Many abnormal urine colors are of a nonpathogenic nature and are caused by the ingestion of highly pigmented foods, medications and vitamins.”

Basically, CowGod, if the above was too much to swallow, if you’re urine is very yellow when you first get out of bed but lighter during the day, you are probably normal (or as normal as a CowGod can be). If your urine stays dark all day long, try drinking more water. Drinking lots of coffee, tea, and dark sodas can also cause your urine to be darker. If you don’t see an improvement after the water increase, see a doctor.

Also, if your urine is colorless or near colorless ALL of the time, see a doctor. It should be darker when you first wake up, unless you piss regularly during your sleeping period. There are several conditions that will result in your kidneys not concentrating your urine, and you should check it out just to be safe.

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Three comments:

  1. My wife went to the doctor once because she had blood in her urine. The doctor asked her if she’d been eating beets. She had. Case closed.

  2. There’s an old joke about a sign in a London club: “Gentlemen are asked to refrain from urinating in the umbrella stand during asparagus season”.

  3. If I eat Super Sugar Crisp for breakfast my pee smells like it all day. I don’t normally notice any odor when I pee (well, I’m not usually sniffing!) but this is very strong and happens very rapidly, within an hour usually. I don’t know what they put in those things (the Sugar Crisp!) but my kidneys don’t break it down and they ship it out post haste!

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Once upon a time, not so long ago, I had a mild urinary tract infection. I went to the store, and bought a product called Azo. I popped two of the little burgandy pills, and next time I answered nature’s call, I was horrified to see that my urine was a dark orange-red. Panicked, I dug the box out of the trash, and was relieved to read that this was a side effect of the medication. Moral of the story . . . it is probably a good idea to read the side effects portion of the directions. Especially before you call your mother in a blind panic, because after she calms you down, and tells you to go get the box you really are embarassed.

Thanks Ben, I’m so relieved now!

(Ha Ha, I made a pee joke!)

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Actually… (I worked for a nutrition company) large amounts of vitamin B will produce dark yellow pee (excesses being excreted) if you take a vitamin suppliment, even a multi vitamin… you will see this.

As for smells… I am a strong coffee drinker… and my pee smells like coffee all morning!!!

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AWB asked

D’uh. Those weren’t regular pills. You chose to get mega pills, and you are surprised that they have mega amounts? I’m missing something here. Which part of the label did you not understand?

I get cloudy urine sometimes. That too, isn’t much to be concerned about as its just extra phosphates.

In Britain, ‘take the piss’ means to make fun of someone.

I think I heard that foamy pee can mean too much protien in your pee, which can be bad. Somebody once talked about taking a med that turned their pee blue!

I was unaware that Ty-D-Bowl had medicinal properties…

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BenDover, I’m a little unclear (heh) about something . How much of your post was an exact quote from the book and how much was rewritten by you to make it more readable by we lay people? Am I to understand that the medical term for taking a piss is “taking a piss?” If so, my elementary school owes me a few detentions back.

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manhatten, the only part directly quoted from the book was in quotations. I paraphrased the rest of it because to quote it all exactly would have created a tremendously long post, plus some of the material came from a chart (some of the causes of different colored urine) that I can’t reproduce here.

That is why I gave very thorough reference information about the book, so that anyone who can locate it can double-check my info.

If you’re really, really interested I can type in the whole chapter on Physical Examination of the Urine - its actually pretty interesting stuff. I don’t know how much of the book can be directly quoted without violating copyright laws.

Another quote from the book, under ‘Odor’, about asparagus:

“Studies have shown that although everyone who eats asparagus produces an odor, only certain genetically predisposed people can smell the odor.”

Wanna here about Maple Syrup Urine Disease?

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Nope. Not even a little bit. :wink:

Livin’ on Tums, Vitamin E and Rogaine