Hey, that's a strange poop, sir.

I ate a hugemous amount of Blueberry cobbler. My poop has been purple for the last three days. It’s damned cool.

Anyone else have interesting poops before? I’ve got a few stories, lemme tell ya.


but it is kinda funny. I just hope I never become that amused by my own turds. If so, I’d like someone to check me into the mental ward asap.

Ohhh, I thought the thread said “straight poop”, as in Ed McMahon (sp?) saying, “That is the straight poop, your worship!”
Hmmm, interesting is not the word for the poops that I’ve had. Painful sometimes, disgusting others, but I don’t remember an interesting one. Maybe if I had a strong sphincter I could make poop sculptures. Now that would be interesting. :wink:

One time I was given a medication that turned my urine a brilliant blue. Damnedest thing I ever saw.


Baloo: what on earth medication was that, and how can I score some?

I was in my hometown of Savannah, Georgia during St. Paddy’s Day about three years ago. Green beer, green grits, green cookies . . . well you can imagine. It was like having Oscar the Grouch in the toilet.

Incidentally, drinking copious amounts of grape Kool-Aid will give you green poop too. So I’ve heard…

ANY grape stuff seems to do it. My whole frat had green shit.

i think im with tasha. this is just really weird and a bit amusing. but it is mundane and pointless, so it fits in.

You know those sour sugar tubes they sell, that are like 2 or 3 feet long and full of brightly colored Pixie Stix powder?

One time a few years ago, I bought one from a gas station. It went light purple/dark purple/light green/dark green/light blue/dark blue/black

I ate each color at a time, and waited a few hours between each. This was my experiment.

The next day, my poop was swirled with color. It was blue, purple, green, and black, as well as the normal brown. It was so damned cool. It wasn’t just a muddy color mix, it looked tye dyed, it was all swirly. Way neat-o, as far as poop goes.

Not that I looked or anything.


Oh, and doesn’t the story go that Jim Henson was taking that medicine, and he started regulating himself to find the exact dose necessary to get a brilliant green?

Oh, and is there any way (food wise. I don’t need to dye it once it’s alreayd out there.) to change the color of your semen? I mean, it doesn’t really have any practical uses, but it’d be neat.


This is just great…

Is anyone else out there imagining Homer…um…experimenting?

"Oh, God! Oh, God! OHOHOH!!!



Tim, I just have to say… you’re a weird motherfucker.


“Checking your own feces… you have too much free fucking time on your hands, people!” -Denis Leary (edited a tad)

If I eat too much watermelon, my poop winds up looking like mushy, rotten watermelon (with seeds, no less… yeah, I swallow some every now and then). Feels REAL runny coming out, too.

And I once had an experience where my poop was flat grey. No other color. It was like my colon had suddenly gone from “True Color” to “Grayscale”. I have no idea what caused it, either.

One of the Australian stockman’s dietary staples was damper - a type of bread made of flour and water (occasionally including sultanas) baked in the coals of the evening campfire. According to local legend, too much damper will cause one’s shit to become green and black.

Large amounts of Beta Carotene will give semen a yellowish/orange color. Uh, so I’ve heard.

Try eating a bunch of carrots.

Try eating a huge amount of Pistachios!!

Once when I was at the doctor’s with a throat infection he asked my what color was my phlegm.
I replied, “I never look, does anyone?”
He responded, “Men usually know, also what color their bowels are, I don’t know why but guys always know that stuff.”

I think it was back about Easter, somebody was talking about eating black jelly beans and their effects.

A couple of months ago, babyjesus was sick and so we put him on a bland diet. So he would eat applesauce without us having to badger him about it, we got him some “Blues Clues” applesauce.

The next morning, after taking his morning constitutional, he comes running into our bedroom screaming. I go and look and it’s solid blue. It was a bitch to get wiped off too.

“That would be me”, she said self-consciously.

When I eat a couple of bowls of Booberry cereal (which, by the way, is the greatest cereal ever invented), I experience the same phenomenon.

YMMV (your movements may vary).