"Yeppers" -- Whaters?

I live in California, and one of my girlfriends who lives here is originally from Iowa. Occasionally she uses the word “yeppers.” I just thought it was her own cute little word and never asked her about it. Then, recently, Mr. Pug and I were at an oyster bar and one of the shuckers said “yeppers.” I did a double-take, thought about it for a second, and asked “Are you from Iowa?” He said “yeppers.” I told him about my girlfriend, and he said, "That’s nothing. I knew a lot of guys from North Carolina when I was in the Army, and they say, “yepp ------- ppers!”

Do you midwest and eastern seaboard Dopers say “yeppers”?

I’m from Florida, and yeppers, I say yeppers.

Northern Virginia–yeppers!

I knew a woman in central Pennsylvania who said it.

I’ve said “yeppers” on occassion, but it’s often too cute for me. (FTR, I’m from Minnesota)

I prefer the shorter and more elegant “yup”.

Wisconsin here, and I’ve never heard of it. However, “yah-hey” is popular one.

Where in Wisconsin? I grew up in SE WI amid the Swiss, and never heard it. Then I went to school in a Norwegian part of the state and everybody was saying it.

Illinois here. And I’ve used “Yeppers” on occasion in casual conversation. Is there a 12-step group for this?

Western Pennsylvania, and I say “Yeppers!”

I grew up in Central Wisconsin, about 30 miles S. of Stevens Point. German was probably the most significant ethnicity. But my uncle says it a lot, and he’s Greek, so I don’t know what that means. :slight_smile:

Or as my Sheboygan friends’ license plate says


I’m from Maryland - Western Shore, central, I don’t know it’s a small state and it’s late - and I don’t say it. But a friend I went to school with from Western PA said it a lot.

I use Yup and Nope all the time when I am trying to be cute with customers and get away from them at the same time.

I grew up outside of Denver and never heard that used. Since being in the DC area, I haven’t heard it used either.

I’ve used yeppers and regularly use yep and nope, and I’m from Australia! The virus is spreading! Run!

Well, it never hit the Boston area where I’m from. We would never go for wicked stupid sayings like that.

I live in Minneapolis and grew up in central Wisconsin, and “yeppers” seems pretty common to me.

Lunatic13 - you must have lived close to me! I went to school in Nekoosa (I attended college at UWSP).

Another Wisconsonian (and UWSP alum). I’ve heard yeppers, with the accent on the second syllable. I hate it.

Slithy, you from New Glarus?

And where were all of you for my “Ask the WI guy!” thread?

Yet another Wisconsinite checking in(and UWSP alum) and I have heard yeppers quite often. Of course it should never be confused with the more often used ** Oshityahey! **

Lunatic…Where are you from… Plainfield??? Coloma???

Chicagosuburbian - and while I’ve heard it, do I use it? Nope(ers).

pugluvr, this post was the first I’ve heard of “yeppers”. But when I saw my girlfriend I asked her, “Yeppers. Have you heard of it? Do you say it?” and she asked, “Why, because I’m from Iowa?” She confirmed the use of the term is rampant in that state, but she personally never used it.