Yer Gonna Wish You Were Me...(fair warning)

This past weekend I cleaned up my grill. A 7000 series Char-Broil. Only three years old. With the warming rack (but I took it out 'cause I burnt my arm).

Took the guts out. Scraped out the crud. New ignitor (it’s gas). New cooking grate. New lava rocks. New “protective cover” (yeah, a tarp). New grease can. New grill scraper thingy. The burner is still in good shape.

Fired it up last night (after the proper warm up, don’t want the lava rocks to explode or anything). Grilled up a big 'ol batch of hot dogs and smoked sausage. Steaks to come. It’s supposed to be good weather tomorrow (I have grilled in the snow before).

Got the grill up and running. Yeah, you wish you were me. Can’t say I blame you.

Yes!!! Outdoor barbecue season is arriving at last!!! :cool:

Ha! I barbecue all winter, and I live in Canada for chrissake! :smiley:

My new apartment complex won’t allow us to have barbeque grills, propane or regular.

The bastards.

Go on down to Wall-Mart and get one of those portable grills with the little-bitty propane tanks. Set it up in your dining room. Right on the table. And just grill, grill, grill your heart out. (But put down newspaper first. Think safety)

Bwaaahahaha! Take that Evil Apartment Grilling Regulation Making Nazis! Bwaaaahahaha!

If the fumes don’t kill you, you’ll have the last laugh.
Or you could just “grill” the Canadian way. Drink beer, eat ham (and call it “bacon”) and wear a stupid knit hat. And say “Eh?” alot. This works ALL WINTER! (Whose the big tough guy now, D18? Huh? Yeah, that’s what I thought…)

For a few weeks, I’ve been dropping not-so-subtle hints - like: “We need to get the grill moved to the porch and we need to fill the propane tank so we can cook out.”

Well, the grill is in the garage, the empty tank is still under the back porch, and apparently, unless I do it, it won’t get done. No, wait - daughter’s bf is always trying to score points with me - hmmmmm - I can be cooking out this very evening if he doesn’t have to work today! I love that kid!! :smiley:

*Originally posted by Rue DeDay *

Goddam it, eh? Canadian bacon is NOT ham, it’s Peameal Bacon:

That “Canadian Style” bacon that they try to pass off in the States is an abomination!

And after you’ve started your own fire in a snowbank and cooked over it, then we’ll see who the tough guy is, buddy. :smiley:

By the way. LOVED your OP!

Here in Miami I grill all the time. Snow? Hmmm… [faint memory music] Oh yes! Snow. Goes with Cold! I remember Maine! And Buffalo! Ahh yes… Those were the cold old days.[/faint memory music]

[sub]May I say at this point,“neener, neener, neener”?[/sub]

Who says it’s a “man’s job?” Go do it, FairyChatMom! I’ve BBQ’ed all winter here in Colorado. I don’t use propane or lighter fluid, either. Maybe my new sig should be “Real women start their own fires.” :smiley:

There’s a fact!


Ha! I’ll see your snowbank and raise you: Wet wood! No Matches! (Blistered hands, too, when I was done lighting the fire…) I win!

And I love REAL Canadian Bacon. I thought the crap I was eating was O.K. Then I got some of the real stuff. It was an education. And there was a HUGE retro-active retch.

And I HAVE started a fire in a snowbank (with wet wood, Tranquilis. No matches, but a Zippo and a cotton ball soaked in alcohol- the stove kind, not the drinking kind. You still win. Oh yeah, you win.)and “cooked” over it. Spaghetti-O’s. With meatballs.

In 9 years of Boy Scouts, I’ve burnt pretty much everything that will burn. And I’ve cooked Spaghetti-O’s over the resulting conflagration. Or SPAM. Mmmmmmmm…SPAM…

FairyChatMom, if you can get the pup who’s sweet on yer kid to dig out the grill, why do it yourself? Just 'cause you can doesn’t mean you have to. It’s good to be independant, but sheesh, there’s spider mummies to consider.

Tranq, no matches? Bow and spindle or those goofy sparky things you get at Wall-Mart. Banging rocks together will get you more than blisters. Just wonderin’.

RTFirefly,UncleBill and Carina42, hi. Didn’t want to snub you. That would be rude.
It’s spriiiing, it’s spriiiing… Off to the park we go…(sung to the tune of the “Slinky” comercial- kinda)

Two years ago, when we got 24 inches of snow in Chicago, we even have pictures of the path I shoveled to get out to the grill. The mounds were even higher with the snow that I had shovelled off of the flat part of our roof.

The people who owned our house before us were incredibly cheap bastards, but their moment of glory came with having a gas line directly from the house to the grill. No propane tanks, no nothin’ to replace. It’s beautiful.

So you built a fire in a snow bank with wet wood. . .
[Cranky old man rant] You had WOOD!?! You lucky little punk. Back in my day, we didn’t have any of your newfangled fire gadgets. Wood. Pshaw. If we wanted to cook something, we had to use our own fuel. Why…why… When I was with General Patton in Italy, I cooked grub for the entire platoon by lighting my hand on fire and holding it under the chicken. And I Liked it.[/Cranky old man rant]

Disclaimer: Any above reference in the aforementioned document to old man, cranky or otherwise, are completely fictitious. Any similarities to Cranky old man-esque posters, alive are dead are purely coincidental.

Ya wanna be careful with that. A couple winters ago, a guy here in the Twin Cities couldn’t figure out why his gas bill was so high all winter long. He went to grill for the first time in the spring and found that he had left the grill on all winter…

Hey, I was just trying to kill all those damn squirrels that keep eating the birdseed directly from the feeder. Not my fault that the wind kept blowing the gas away.

Can I just come round, eat the hot dogs and drink your beer? I’ll even bring my own paper plate!

I never meant to imply it’s a man’s job - I just don’t want to do it! Nothing sexist about that!

OOOOOOH! 24 whole inches! All at once? I am SOOOOOO impressed. :rolleyes:

This winter we ran a gas line to outside for the grill. It’s good to know that our action will be seen in a favorable light by future owners of our house.

Now I just have to buy a grill. I was all set on a Weber, but the Kenmore Elites are looking very tempting…

Bow and spindle. Survival Merit Badge requirement, and the Scout Master was a bit of a prick about ‘doing it the hard way’. Cooked the scrawny trout I’d snared, along with some passable acorn meal. Surprising how good something tastes after you’ve worked so hard to get it into your mouth. I’ve also done it with flint and steel, and with some steel wool and a battery. That one last is rather fun, if you can get it to work.

Mmmmm… Spam… Scrapple… Mmmmm…

Hmmm… reading all this has got me thinking, steaks? brats? or burgers for dinner tonight? I think all go with the brats, boiled in cheap beer and flash-grilled to perfection. Johnsonville “Originals”, the big ones in the meat trays, NOT prepackaged like hot dogs! You know, the ones where you can actually feel your arteries clogging as you eat.