Yes, it's another "ID that old monster movie" thread

I got to thinking of this movie I saw on TV back when I was about 10 (1980.) Not a made-for-TV movie (I don’t think), but a low-budget monster flick, not gory like "Friday the 13th though; strictly drive-in movie fare. It was one of a mini-genre of Bigfoot movies - two intrepid “college boys” - anthropology majors - visit some backwoods hillbilly county in search of a mysterious monster reputed to live in the swamps.

The title was something like “the Legend of Boggy Creek.” Of course, that doesn’t really narrow it down since, there were dozens of movies with titles like that in the late 70s (which must have been the acme of the whole Sasquatch craze.)

There’s just one scene I remember in any detail. The two college boys (let’s call 'em Bo & Luke - because they seemed to me very much like the Dukes of Hazzard) have spent one night in the rural area and gotten a tape recording of the big monster roaring. It’s the next day, and Bo & Luke are at the local diner, where a long-in-the-tooth waitress (who I think was a little smitten by the handsome Bo & Luke) takes their order. While Luke fiddles around with the recorder, Bo is busy flirting with two local girls sitting at the counter. The waitress comes out, several plates of food piled up in her hands. Just then, Luke hits “play” and the sound of the monster growling plays at top volume. The waitress is so frightened, that all the plates go flying into the air. All the local yokels start hooting and hollering at the suddenly dismayed college grads, and the waitress is so furious that she chases the two right out the door.

Outside in their truck, Luke is laughing while Bo stammers "That was NOT FUNNY!

“Did you see that waitress? Man, she was beautiful!” Luke laughs.

“Forget her! Did you see those two chicks at the counter? Man THEY were beautiful!” Bo exclaims.

Of course, Bo turns his head and the two beautiful chicks are standing right there at his side window.

“Howdy boys,” the girls coo in delight. “Are you searching for that li’l ol’ monster that PROWLS around the bayou at night? We could help ya’ll find 'im!” (Ok, maybe they don’t say that exactly but it’s the jist of it.)

That night, Bo & Luke are hanging with the girls out in the woods, near the bayou and just as they’re coupling off and getting cuddly, from out of the darkness the monster roars again, and they all run away. (Monster doesn’t get seen, at least this early in the movie.)

That’s about all I remember of it. Keep in mind, even at 10 I knew this movie was a low-budget stinker. But the scene with the waitress was genuinely funny, and has somehow stuck with me for lo these 32 years. Does anyone think they might know what I"m talking about?

You have the title exactly right. It is “The Legend of Boggy Creek.”

One of the sequels, Boggy Creek II: and the Legend Continues… is one of my favorite MST3K episodes.

Here’s something wild–the man who made Boggy Creek, Charles B. Pierce, wrote the story for Sudden Impact, According to wikipedia: