'Yes Means Yes' is the Law for Sex on New York College Campuses

Her husband is probably a latent homosexual and their behavior is deviant and unhealthy. The real problem lies not with people who act on their impulses but rather with media and advertisers who create a sexualized society wherein people need to partake in abnormal sexual activity to feel arousal.

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Have you considered starting a thread where you could tell people the difference between “normal” and “deviant” sex? I bet it would would be very popular!


Now that would be a fun thread!!! :smiley:

This. Plus I can’t see what’s the great burden of saying “Is this okay? Do you like this?” every once in a while. Part of being a good partner (and a good lay) IS checking in, and adjusting technique when needed. Selfish lovers are bad at sex.

Communication skills are important for healthy relationships, people. And teaching college kids what “good communication skills” mean is not out of place on a college campus – they’re SUPPOSED to be getting them ready to be fully fledged functioning adults in society.

YES. I used to be fine with missionary with my wife once a month with the lights off, just like my pastor told me it says to do in the Bible. Then I saw that one commercial on that one show, and ever since then I can’t get off without a Wiffle bat up my ass and Johnny Horton’s The Singing American on the turntable.

You don’t know how happy I am to meet someone going through the same struggle. Do you attend a local group?

Last I checked, teen pregnancy rates have been declining since the 1950s. So, I think it’s a reasonable bet that partitioning the sexes wasn’t a particularly effective means of preventing sexual activity.

I’m also pretty certain that incidences of rape have decreased as people have started to actually get to know one another as real humans, rather than as mystery alien creatures, and as women have gained the ability to talk about sex and about the men who did bad things to them.

As to the “Yes means Yes” thing, I guess we’ll see how it works. Doesn’t sound promising, but I’d rather see it tested and proved to be effective or non-effective than for us to just assume and potentially lose out.

According to this article, the law " also gives the state police $4.5 million to handle sexual assault cases, $4.5 million to rape crisis centers that serve students and $1 million to college campuses."

I’m just here to third the suggestion that Construct start a thread wherein he explains to us all what constitutes ‘deviant’ as opposed to ‘non-deviant’ sex. I feel like I would have a lot to contribute to that discussion. A lot.

You mean “Go ahead punk, make my day, there are about 347 of us just waiting to flame you to a crisp”. Obviously I respect your courageous stand, but meanwhile…

But meanwhile, as to the OP, I’m struggling to recall any occasion, any at all, including the time I first got jumped on by a fat older woman while I was half-drunk, when I was ever asked for my permission for what was about to happen. :dubious:

I think criminalizing what appears to be normal human behaviour is an unwise course to be steering.

Actually…I just really wanna talk about deviant sex.

I’d like some deviant sex. Anyone have time before 11 today?

It was Antioch University (or College?) in Ohio. I didn’t think it was terribly funny then, either, given that Carson’s generation was pretty terrible at handling women’s agency to say yes or no at will, or treating rape victims with anything like a modicum of respect or dignity.

I don’t know why this is being mocked. Guys that age sometimes don’t get NO; women that age have been known to say NO then let things continue. That’s not healthy for anyone. At the very least, I’d think that obtaining consent along the way would prevent misunderstandings.

Antioch College.

This happened sometime around 1991-1993. At the time it sounded ridiculous but having given it some thought it doesn’t seem like an entirely bad idea to subject college students in particular to s more stringent standard for consent.

A big part of the problems of excess on college campuses has to do with the sudden and complete withdrawal of supervision while students are still quite immature.

Requiring them to ease into good sex habits by following a consent script might not be a bad idea.

You sick, sick bastard to use Johnny Horton in such a way. I hope you’re ashamed of yourself.

No one here’s going to stop you, you’ve got a ‘yes’ from me, you want me to sign a contract too?

Don’t know about “Constitutional” (which Constitution, the Argentine one? ;)) but as long as the State has to prove all elements of the crime then they should be ok as far as proving guilty bit, unless the application of the law is such that the in practice the accused has to prove his innocence.

Fair enough. Are you a kitchet or a khoontz? Your answer will heavily influence my decision to be out on the sands under Mirassou, or at least whether or not to bring a decoy.

I’ll have my lawyer fax the standard forms to you, Edward. If you stipulate to providing the lube, goat, and trampoline, I don’t think we should have any problems.

Mmmm…deviant sex. :slight_smile:

As far as the thread topic is concerned, why do I think the OP’s link is willfully misreading the law?

It really isn’t that hard to tell whether your partner’s an enthusiastic participant in whatever sexual activity you’re engaged in. And if they are, then you’ve got no problem under this law. And why the hell would someone want to have sex with someone who wasn’t enthusiastically reciprocating?

AFAICT, the law is mostly there so that a guy can’t claim consent just because the woman stopped saying ‘no’ after saying it several dozen times.