Yes or No, Are you still beating your SO?

The most clever answer wins.

I’ll answer for her… yes.

Only when he breathes.

Oh, this is sort of like, “Have you ever been caught masterbating in the closet.”

Only at Monopoly and Scrabble.

Zev Steinhardt

Well, not my SIGNIFICANT one…

Your honor, that’s a compound question and I’d ask the court to instruct counsel to break it into component parts.

Don’t you want to be a good boy and eat your okra?

She’ll never pee further than me!

Only at Bust-A-Move.

No, but she still knocks me out regularly.

If your SO is yourself, does beating your meat count?

Yes, I’m still beating him. In the cooking wars, that is. He is in close second place.

GearLube, I had you pegged for a guy. (just because of your username). Unless…


<looks down shirt>

Boobage !!!

:smiley: Do I win, whuckie? huh huh??


Yes, I am still beating my SO, but she’s kinky and likes it.

Hardly. He’s beating me, 4804 to 682.

If I were OP, I would declare this one the winner

My SO beats me up every morning.

He gets up at 6, I get up at 7.

The only time he beats me is when we play pool, and that’s only because I let him.