YES song? help

What is the name of the song that immediately follows “I’ve seen all good people”?

You mean “A Venture”?

I geuss I should add, after the main part of the song, when the band starts jammin’, and they actually say “Ive seen all good ppl turn their heads to stay so satisfied…”, what is the name of that?

no “a venture” isnt it, thanks for reminding me of the ventures though, walk dont run, good song

“Your Move”


In the box set In a Word - Yes (1969- ), it is the last song on the disk. Likewise on the Mr. Deeds soundtrack.

On Keys to Ascension, the next song is “Going for the One.”

On Psychedelic Sunday, the next song is “Theme from Shaft.”

On the Yesalbum, the next song is “Venture.”

On Yessongs, the next song is “Long Distance Runaround.”

The song appears on about two dozen other albums. Can you be a little more specific?

think that’s it Anamorphic, thanks. We’ll see if it’s the song in a few minutes.

It’s also on the Almost Famous sdtk.

thanks Anamorphic, thats the full song I was lookin for

“Your Move” is the first part. The mellow acoustic folkie part.
Immediately followed by “I’ve Seen All Good People” which is the rockin’ boogie part.
The two together form a single track. It’s the fourth track on The Yes Album*.

Correction… I wish this thing had the edit feature enabled…

“I’ve Seen All Good People” is the overall title for the whole track.

The rockin’ boogie part that follows “Your Move” is just titled “All Good People.”

I thought “Your Move” came before the “Ive seen all good ppl turn their heads to stay so satisfied…” bit?