Name Your Top 5 YES Songs

  1. Heart of the Sunrise

  2. Time and a Word

  3. Hearts

  4. Starship Troopers

  5. South Side of the Sky

Honorable Mention:

Close to the Edge
Machine Messiah
Sound Chaser
And You and I

  1. We Have Heaven

  2. Siberian Khatru

  3. Heart of the Sunrise

  4. Long Distance Runaround

  5. Close To The Edge

  1. Starship Troopers
  2. And You and I
  3. Close to the Edge
  4. Yours is No Disgrace
  5. Hold On
  1. And You And I

  2. South Side Of The Sky

  3. Yours Is No Disgrace

  4. Long Distance Runaround

  5. Tempus Fugit

Honorable Mentions:

A Venture


Shoot High, Aim Low

Starship Trooper

Turn Of The Century

No love for Roundabout?

The Revealing Science of God
The Remembering
Heart of the Sunrise
Close to the Edge

Tales from Topographic Oceans is one of my top desert island discs of all time. I had to restrain myself from choosing all four sides. Anyway, with the exception of a few tracks on *Going for the One *and Tormato, pretty much anything they did in the '70s could go on this list. (Pretty much nothing they did afterwards could, though.)

Excellent song.

It was good the 1st 100 times.

Love all songs on Going for the One. A little trivia for YES fans. The pipe organ parts by Rick Wakeman were actually played on a pipe organ at St. Martin’s church in Vevey, Switzerland by use of a high fidelity phone.

Tormato, not so much.

That’s a really interesting choice. A lot of people dismiss the solo tracks on Fragile (especially Rick Wakeman’s Brahms adaptation, which was a substitute for an original composition that couldn’t be used for contractual reasons, and which eventually turned up on Wakeman’s solo album The Six Wives of Henry VIII, and don’t you hate it when someone inserts a run-on parenthetical remark that’s ten times longer than the actual sentence it comments on?). I always thought they were rally cool, myself, and the *idea *of giving everyone a solo track was cool as well.

Surprised to see a lot of Heart of the Sunrises.
Me too - the heavy opening (reprised later in the song) is probably my fave Yes moment.
My other four:
Siberian Khatru
South Side of the Sky
Long Distance Runaround
Starship Trooper (simply because of the “Wurm” section, which might actually eclipse “Sunrise” for me)
honorable mention: their cover of “America”

Very difficult for me to isolate a top 5, but will try:

  1. The Gates of Delirium
  2. Close To The Edge
  3. Parallels
  4. City of Love
  5. Into The Storm

Only #1 and #2 are solid, the rest were chosen mainly because they hadn’t been mentioned yet in this thread.

I would also add “Order of the Universe”, but that was Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe and thus not canonical Yes.

“Don’t Kill The Whale” is another honorable mention, mainly for their live performances of it, which have much more of a bite than the Tormato version.

Wakeman’s mellotron at the very end along with Anderson’s singing is just sublime.

  1. Does it Really Happen
  2. America
  3. Going for the One
  4. It Can Happen
  5. Heart of the Sunrise

Wonderous Stories
Yours Is No Disgrace
And You And I
Heart of the Sunrise
Long Distance Runaround

Tempis Fugit

I don’t have 5.

Heart of the Sunrise
South Side of the Sky
Close to the Edge
Shoot High, Aim Low

Forgot about that one. I’ll have to make that six.

The only Yes song that I would define as “kickass” (probably not what the band was going for :p)

Tempus Fugit
Starship Trooper
It Can Happen
Owner of a…just kidding!! :smiley:

I saw them in concert last year and they were phenomenal. Listening to Steve Howe I finally learned what “tone” is in terms of guitar-playing. Holy cow. Then I bumped into him at breakfast the next morning! What a moment!

Pretty close to a “ditto” here. But my honorable mentions wold include:

Going for the One

Siberian Khatru

Nine Voices (Longwalker)

No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Required.

Holy Lamb